European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 35 Issue 1  
October 2012

Attitudes and Behaviors of High School Students in Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, towards the Environment
Chuleewan Praneetham and Kongsak Thathong
Thai Elementary Science Teachers’ Current Teaching Practices when Participating in a Co-teaching Model
Siriwan Chatmaneerungcharoen, Chokchai Yuenyoung, Warangkana Thongnoppakun and Robert Kief
Ethnic Music of Lua in Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic
Thammanoon Jittreebut, Supunnee Leuaboonsho and Chalermsak Pikulsri
Development of Management Model for Cultural Tourism in Mongolia Based on the Model in Thailand
Gantsetseg Sanjmyatav, Kantabhon Sumdangdej and Surasak Khamkhong
Developing Cultural Management of Sub district Municipality in the North-east Thailand
Kosol Namro, Pisit Boonchai and Sastra Laoakka
Marvelous Oiled Healers: The Process of Bone Healing by using Isan Indigenous Knowledge
Thawee Silarat, Songkoon Chantachon and Prasan Kamchonmenukun
Phan Bai Si: The Conservation and Perpetuation of the Art of Making Phan Bai Si of Isan People
Kanokkarn Silarat, Sattra Laoakka and Montri Sriratlao
Stereotypical Image among Students about Masculinity and Femininity at Al-Balqa Applied University: A Survey Study
Fatima Eid Zaid AL-Adwan and Majed Mohammad Al – Khayat
The Effect of an Instructional Program based on Reading Comprehension Strategies on Achievement in Reading Comprehension among Secondary Students in Jordan
Ahmad Alkhawaldeh
The Application of Orchestra Performance to Promote Pleng Korat
Songrit Radomjinde, Songkoon Chantachon and Sitthisak Champadaeng
Turkey’s Objections to the EU’s Security and Defence Policy
Armagan Gözkaman
Learning Organisations of the Future and Visionary Leadership “If One does not Know to which Port One Issailing, no Wind is Favorable.'' Lucius Annaeus Seneca
M.Kemal Demirci, Nuray Mercan, Emine Oyur and Bayram Alamur
The Meaning of Working and Career Planning Strategies: Differences between High School and College Students
Amelia Manuti
Lesson Learned to Apply the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Environmental Management in the Industrial and Business Sectors
Wisakha Phoochinda