European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 34 Issue 4  
October 2012

Development of Community Strength with Healthy Self-Care Model through PAIC Process
Khwansumana Phinnarach, Nongnapas Thiengkamol and Chatchai Thiengkamol
The Grade 10 Students’ Concept of Rate of Chemical Reaction using Chemical Laboratory and Analogy Approach
Orawan Hompromma and Kongsak Thathong
Khaen Mouth Organ of the Tai Ethnic Groups in Mekong River Basin: Origin, Diffusion and Guideline for Transmission and Development
Surapon Nesusin, Jarernchai Chonpairot and Chalermsak Pikulsri
Professional Development Program for Thai In-Service Science Teachers: A Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge thought a Co-Teaching Model
Siriwan Chatmaneerungcharoen, Chokchai Yuenyoung and Warangkana Thongnoppakun
Does the ILO Monitoring System Improve Labour Standards? Does it Facilitate Decent Work?
Ferdous Ahamed
Working Capital Management and Profitability of Listed Companies in Nigeria
Akinleye G.T., Afolabi A.A and Olowoniyi A.O.
Prroblems of Gender Inequalities Girls in Primary Schools in District Charsadda, Pakistan
Mujahid Azam, Mohammad Iqbal and Wasal Khan
Student Aspiration Factors, University Reputation and the Entry Standards to UK Universities
Rami M Ayoubi and Hiba K Massoud
Safe Local Food: Continuance of Local Wisdom on Production for Cultural Tourism in the Upper Northeastern Thailand
Pavilai Onpinit, Kosit Phaengsoi and Chanita Summart
A Study on Buyer’s Behaviour in Organized Retail Outlet with Special Reference to Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Bangalore City, India
Amaresha. M and Dinakar G.
Average Treatment Effect Estimation of Determinants of Adoption Rates of NERICA Rice Varieties in Nigeria
Awotide, D.O. and Adejobi O.A.
Wasting Judicial Procedures
Kamal AbdelRahim AlAlaween and Mohammad Musallam Alzawahreh
Drivers’ Compliance with use of Seat Belt: A Study of Commercial and Private Drivers in South-Western Nigeria
Fayankinnu and Emmanuel Abiodun
Sub District Administrative Organizations: Developing Administrative System According to the Principles of Good Governance in the North-East Thailand
Weerachai Siripanich, Sastra Laoakka and Kosit Phaengsoi
The Returning Thai Diaspora and Livelihood Strategies in Thai Society
Monchai Phongsiri and Maniemai Thongyou