European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 2, Number 2
February, 2006

Personality Scores as a Functions of Alcohol Consumption Attitudes


Ewhrudjakpor, Christian; Ewhrudjakpor,

Christian Attributes of an Effective Audit Committee: Evidence from an Emerging Capital Market


Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori, Mohamad Ali Abdul Hamid, Annuar Md Nassir, Shamsher Mohamad

Poverty Vulnerability Inequalities in Osun State Southwestern Nigeria


O. A. Ajala

The Dispersion of Muslim Populations to Balkan Countries and the Caused Economic and Commercial Impacts


Evangelos Karafotakis, John Mylonakis

Exploring the Relationship between Learning Approaches of Accounting Students and their Learning Outcomes at a Greek University


Theofanis A. Karagiorgos, Stavroula K. Kourdoumpalou

Effects of Word Games, Culturally Relevant Songs and Stories on Students’ Motivation in a Nigerian English Language Class


Kate Ndububa, Yetunde Ajibade

Performance Evaluation of the Regulatory Institutions in the Management of Distress in Nigerian Banking System


Oladele, P.O., Asaolu, T.O., Oyesanmi, O.

Managers’ and Consumers’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: Some Empirical Evidence and Strategic Marketing Implications for Private Healthcare Organizations


George Siomkos, Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou, Eirini Rigopoulou, Aikaterini Stavrianea Crop Production Systems of Market Gardens in Nigeria


I.M. Ojeifo, F.N. Emuh, O.A. Denton

Using Peers to Improve the Reading Aloud Skills of Other Learners: a Case Study of Students at Walter Sisulu University the University of Transkei,Eastern Cape South Africa


Monoana Nombulelo

Innocentia Do They end at the Same Point?


Odusola Olutoyin Dibu-Ojerinde, Bamidele Abiodun Faleye

The Imperative of National Security and Stability for Development Process in ContemporaryNigeria


Sunday Idowu Oladeji, Benjamin Ayodele

Folorunso Governance, Taxation and Fiscal Policy in Nigeria


Olu Okotoni

Relative Efficiency of Improved Egg Production Systems in Southern Nigeria: A Profit Function Approach


Okoruwa, V.O.

Effect of Information Technology on The Managerial Efficiency of Academic Libraries: A Case Study of H. O. Library, Obafemi Awolowo University


Aderinto, C. O., J.A. Aderinto


A Test of Organization Learning Model: The Interrelatedness Between Learning Dimensions and Facilitators and their Impact on Organization Effectiveness


Mahmoud A. Elgamal