European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 12 Issue 3  
January, 2010

A Web-Based Multimedia Approach to Literature in Malaysian Secondary Schools: Learners' Preferences
Subarna Sivapalan and Wan Fatimah bt Wan Ahmad
Effects of Task Difficulty on Socioaffective Strategy Use in Listening Comprehension
Nooreen Noordin, Katrin Shamshiri and Mohd Sahandari
Endogenous Unions Formation
Yolanda Chica and María Paz Espinosa
Prospects and Challenges of Open University in Nigeria
Ajadi, Timothy Olugbenga
Management and Planning Model for Economical Corporate Cultural and Social Responsibility (CCSR) in Iran
Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri, Esmaeil Kavousy and Seyed Majid Motahar Nezhad
Ethnic Diversity Management Based on Social Capital Theories
Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri and Esmaeil Kavousy
Future Markers in Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Arabic: A Contrastive Study
Emad Al-Saidat and Islam Al-Momani
Governance, Leadership Crisis and Underdevelopment in Africa: An Explorative Discourse
E. B. J. Iheriohanma and O. Oguoma
Code-Mixing in Print Advertisement and its Cultural Implications in Hong Kong
Chi-hong Leung
An Identification of the Effects of the Promotion of Tourism Transportation on the Socio-Cultural Environment: The Case of Malaysia
Sharon Cheuk, Janie Liew-Tsonis, Grace Phang Ing and Izyanti Awang Razli
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Marketing of the Preshipment Inspection Services in Nigeria
J.O. Olujide and R.A. Gbadeyan
Sustainable Water Management: A Case Study on Saving Behaviour of Turkish Women for Domestic Water Usage
Sengul Hablemitoglu and Emine Ozmete
Rejuvinating Motivations and Renewing Technology: A Quest for Electronic Endeavor among Malaysian SMEs
Rosmini Omar and Dewi A.Sapuan
The Impact of Using KWL Strategy on Grade Ten Female Students' Reading Comprehension of Religious Concepts in Ma'an City
Omar Salim Muhammad Al-Khateeb and Mohammad Wafa Khalid Idrees
Critical Factors for Diffusion of Web Technologies for Supply Chain Management Functions: Malaysian Perspective
Arun Kumar Tarofder, Govindan Marthandan and Ahasanul Haque
The Nature of Women's Participation in the Labour Force in the Post-1989 of Iran
Alihossein Hosseinzadeh, Iman Mombeni and Abdolreza Navah