European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 12 Issue 2  
December, 2009

The Effects of Relationship Marketing on Organizational Outcomes "An Applied Study in Jordanian Insurance Companies"
Shaker T. Ismail
The Political and Financial Implications of Globalization on the Islamic Banking: Facts and Events
Mohammad Salim AL-Rawashdah
A Comprehensive Approach to Model Pedestrians Safety in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Khan Rubayet Rahaman, Tapan Kumar Dhar, Md. Sk. Maruf Hossain and Sehrish Khan
Impacts of Remittances on Living Standards of Emigrants' Families in Gujrat-Pakistan
Sarfraz Khan, Mirza Rizwan Sajid, Maria Abbas Gondal and Nadeem Ahmad
Growth and Forecasts of FDI Inflows to Latin America and the Caribbean
Gulshan Kumar, Neerja Dhingra and Avtar Singh
Man's Uniform and Receptivity of Women to Courtship Request: Three Field Experiments with a Firefighter's Uniform
Nicolas Guéguen
A Review of the Need for Writing & Updating Job Descriptions for 21st Century Organizations
Sahal Ali Al-Marwai and Indra Devi Subramaniam
Explaining Ethnic Relations in Malaysia Through the "Concentric Circle Model": Case Studies of the States of Perak and Kelantan, Malaysia
Salfarina Abdul Gapor, Mohd. Zaini Abu Bakar and Azeem Fazwan Ahmad Farouk
Preventing Employee Theft and Fraud
M. Krishna Moorthy, Nakha Ratnam Somasundaram and M. Gopalan
Statistical Techniques Employed in Education Theses in Malaysia
Teong Mee Mee, Ong Saw Lan and Low Heng Chin
Socio-Demographic Correlates of Psychoactive Substance Abuse among Secondary School Students in Enugu, Nigeria
Igwe WC, Ojinnaka Ngozi, Ejiofor SO, Emechebe GO and Ibe B C
Exploring the Intellectual Structure of Modern Information Management Studies
Hsing-Chau Tseng, Hsiang-Jui Kung, Hui-Lien Tung and Chi-Hsiang Duan
Empathy from Avatars: Propositions for Improving Trust Development in Pseudo-Social Relationships with Avatars
Rodger Morrison
The Use of Reading Strategies in Developing Students' Reading Competency among Primary School Teachers in Malaysia
Majdi Abdullah Ahmad AD-Heisat, Syakirah Mohammed, K.A. Sharmella a/p Krishnasamy and Jenan H. Issa
Constraints on Recreational Sport Participation among Female
Ahmad Fikri Mohd Kassim and Radzliyana Radzuwan