European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 61 No 2
February, 2021
Social Work Counselling: A Panacea For Youth Involvement In Migration And Modern Day Slavery
Legbel Elemi Ogar, Brian Obue Eyang , Blessing Upeh Ugal and Anthony Obinna Iwuagwu
Although slave trade was abolished in 1842, it is still practiced in the world but in a glorified manner. Every day, thousands of West African youth, especially Nigerians risk the dangers of traversing the Sahara Desert in a bid to migrate to Europe for greener pasture. In attempts to get to Europe, these youths cross the Mediterranean in overcrowded non-seaworthy vessels, and consequently dying in their thousands or becoming slaves abroad. To reverse this trend, proactive measures need to be put in place. Social Work is a helping profession with counselling as an integral component of the practice. Counselling service is a tool for sustainable youth education in any given society, with the potential to help them identify and understand their given potentials. In this paper, Social Work counselling as a panacea or tool for youth involvement in modern day slavery was appraised. The paper compared pre-colonial slavery with modern day slavery, identified causes of migration and modern day slavery, examined the place of counseling in social work practice, as well as examined the role of Social Work Counselling in solving the problem of migration and modern day slavery faced by the youth. Some suggestions were put forward to help tackle the resurgence of migration and modern day slavery.
Keywords: Social work, Counselling, Migration, Slavery, Youth.
Optimization of Pre-Treatment (Blanching) and Drying on the Sensory Attributes of Tree Ear Mushroom Auricularia Auricula-Judae (AAJ)
INAH, G. M., Udota. H. I., Effiong, B. N. and Eden. V. E.
The study aimed at investigating how the sensory attributes of tree ear mushroom (AAJ) could be affected by pretreatment condition (blanching) and drying. The mushroom (AAJ) samples used for the analysis were soaked with 0.5% of Sodium Chloride solution (or brine solution) of 2litres (2000 ml) for 3minutes prior to the commencement of the analytical process. The results from the analyses of twenty (20) sample – runs with the blanching time (using hot water) of 2, 10, 15, 20, and 28 seconds; drying temperature (using hot air oven) of 40, 55, 65, 75 and 90ºC; drying time of 30, 70, 90, 110 and 140 minutes respectively reveal that the estimated best process variables for the treatment of AAJ includes: a blanching time of 10 sec, a drying time of 110 min, and a drying temperature of 75°C. These variables yielded a maximum desirability index of 0.648 (64.8%). This research work strongly affirms that the sensory attributes of tree ear mushroom (AAJ) can be affected by the pretreatment condition (blanching) and drying.
Keywords: sensory attributes, Auricularia, blanching, temperature
Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Concept and Their Performance in Teaching Practice Supervision in Tertiary Institution in Cross River State, Nigeria
Bernard Atrogor Oko, Regina Anyungwu Achu and Evelyn I. Orji
This study investigated the influence of Pre- service teachers’ self-concept towards teaching practice supervision and their performance in tertiary institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria. A sample of eight hundred and sixty-one (861) undergraduate students selected through stratified and simple random sampling technique. Two research instruments of self-concept, Pre-Service teachers performance assessment scale (SCPTPAS) questionnaire and Harmonized standardized Pre-service teachers assessment scale (HSPTAS) with reliability estimate of 0.87 was established for the instrument through Cronbach Alpha reliability method, was used for data collection in the study. One Way analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was the statistical techniques employed to test the hypotheses at .05 level of significance. The result of the analysis revealed that, Pre-Service teachers self-concept towards teaching practice supervision significant influence their performance during teaching practice supervision. Based on the findings of the study it was recommended that student-teachers’ should develop positive attitude towards teaching practice to enable them perform effectively during teaching practice.
Keywords: Pre-service teachers, self-concept, performance, supervision
The Media Influence of the Local Press on the Gulf Identity during the Crisis of the Qatar Blockade: A Qualitative Analysis in Qatari Newspapers
Munira Saed Al-Romaihi
This research investigates identify the impact of the press media on the crisis of the blockade and its effects on the social aspect, the structure of the Qatari and Gulf family, as well as to determine the impact of the blockade on the social aspects and the Gulf identity in the future. The author explores the terms of the study: media, the blockade crisis, and the Gulf identity. In addition, it provides a historical background on the crisis and its causes. For this end, the author depends on the descriptive and historical method to describe the conditions of the blockade crisis and its historical roots. In addition, the qualitative analysis is exploited for analyzing a number of articles for Qatari writers that were published in the four Qatari newspapers (Al Arab / Al Raya / Al Sharq). The analysis falls into three sub divisions: the social aspect, the religious aspect and the Gulf identity. The findings of the analysis shows a plethora of social problems suffered by the citizens where the countries of the blockade made a serious mistake when social relations were thrown into political relations. This has only led to hatred and disharmony between the members of the same family, especially the members of the common families. Which has paid a high price for this discord, which in turn affected the nationals of the blockading countries who work in Qatar and most of them have families with Qataris, as well as the psychological impact suffered by Qatari citizens during the crisis of the unjust siege, which offended Qatar and its people by all means in terms of Choi. This means that the measures imposed by the blockading countries on their citizens and the Qatari citizens have affected the social network that the blockade crisis has contributed to the disruption of the Gulf families and the fragility of the local communities. The results of the religious axis of the blockade indicated that the countries of the siege used neutralization and prevented Qataris from performing their rituals to go for Umrah and Hajj. Accordingly, the three writers agreed that the blockade states violated the sanctity of religious rites by politicizing the holy places and depriving the pilgrims from performing their rites. This act has nothing to do with Islam as they did so by violating the covenants. The findings indicate the role of the Qatari media, which played a major role in the embodiment of loyalty and belonging in the hearts of citizens in terms of its diagnosis of the reality and its manifestation of the imbalance and objectively dealt with the topics of the siege crisis. In fact, the main function of the media including the press, radio, television and social media is to convey and form public opinion.
Keywords: Qatar Blockade, Media, Qualitative Analysis
The Devastating Effect of Gully Erosion Menace on Urban Infrastructures in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria
Eni D. Imoke, Oko Peter E., and Olim D. Michael
Gully erosion is caused by several factors such as heavy rainfall, industrial construction, poor drainage system and deforestation were overtime resulted in loosening the soil structure and expose it to vagaries of agents of erosion. The study was aimed at assessing the effect of gully erosion menace on urban infrastructures in Calabar metropolis. Data for the research were collected using a structured questionnaire, handheld, measuring tape, leveling staff and rope. The coordinates of gully erosion sites and the affected infrastructure were obtained from the field using the Global positioning system (GPS). Findings revealed that the total length and average width of each of the gullies as at 2015 were 385m and 20m for Ikot Anwantim, 1925m and 43m for Ikot Udauk, 3995m and 68m for Ikot Nkebre, 721m and 40 for Etinym Abasi, 1430m and 48m for Edim Otop and 1700m and 28m for Ekeya respectively. Also 18 houses were destroyed at Ekeya gully site. Seventy respondents attributed the impact of gully erosion menace in urban infrastructure to be the collapse of buildings with 35 percent. The researcher recommended that public awareness programme sensitization be undertaken to discourage the inhabitants from developing areas prone to gully erosion.
Keywords: gully, erosion, hazards, degradation and infrastructures.
Provision of Infrastructure by Community Based Rganizations Influences Rural Development in Cross River State
Tawo Catherine Njong, Mrs. Asor Love Joseph, Ojong AganyiAsu and OjuahUmunnakwe Marcellus
Rural communities in Nigeria suffer neglect. Poor roads, lack of potable water, ill-equipped health and educational facilities as well as lack of electric power supply characterize them. In fact, infrastructural facilities in rural communities are usually lacking or deficient. Despite government’s efforts to develop rural communities and thereby stem the rural-urban drift, government alone may not be able to bring to fulfilment all that the community needs to develop. Therefore, communities are beginning to look inward to generate and sustain their development. This they do often through community-based organisations. Therefore, this study investigated whether community-based organisations provision of infrastructural facilities significantly influenced rural development. Data was collected through a questionnaire that was administered to 600 snowball-sampled participants. The multiple regression analysis was used to test the hypothesis. The result showed that the provision of infrastructural facilities by community based organizations influences rural development in Cross River State. Based on the findings recommendations were made.
Keyword: community –based associations, rural development, infrastructural facilities.
Positive Strengths of Persons with Visual Impairments in the State of Kuwait
Mubarak Alshammari
The present study aimed to identify the positive strengths of persons with visual impairment in Kuwait. The study included 36 participants with visual impairments. To achieve the objective of the study, the positive strengths scale was constructed and its validity and reliability were achieved. The results indicated a variation in the positive strengths, as the responses ranged from high to low. The findings showed that the cognitive strengths were the best in terms of participants' rations. The study ended with some related recommendations especially the counseling and educational services to meet the unique needs of this group of persons.
Keywords: positive Strengths, persons with visual impairments, the State of Kuwait