European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 61 No 1
January, 2021
Spatial Analysis of Crimes Committed in Jordan, a Study of Geography Crimes
Salah aldeen Abdullah Al Abbadi
Young people are considered fundamental in any society as they form the main supporting power for the labor. They provide a wide base in the society building and any defect among them would lead to defect with in the society structure. These people do not have a sufficient physiological and mental stability and balance, they need to be given an extra care especially when they are exposed to social, economic and intellectual pressures that might lead them to drift among criminate world. This issue relates the spatial analysis on thepeople ofJordan that is still suffering from economiccrisis seen through unemployment and poverty in addition to the social factor stress that negatively affected the behavior. This study analyzethe committed crimes in Jordan.
Keywords: Spatial Analysis, Crimes, Jordan, Crime Statistics.
Logiques D’acteurs dans la Mise en Écotourisme du Parc National des Îles Ehotilé: Entre Conflits et Absence de Coordination
KOUAKOU Guy Éric and BROU Ettien
Covid-19 Pandemic: A Spatio-temporal Assessment of Employment and Salary Status of Hotel Staff in Cross River State, Nigeria
Itu, Prince-charles O, Ambe, Benjamin A., Cassidy Etta Agbor and Enyiekere, Saviour
At the global scale, the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the tourism sector has vaulted from difficult to catastrophic, leading to escalation in retrenchment and reduction of staff salary in hotels. It is based on this premise that this study aimed at carrying out a spatio-temporal assessment of employment and remuneration status of selected hotel staff in Cross River State, Nigeria. In an attempt to achieve the study aim, the research was hinged on to investigate the employment and also assessed the salary level of hotel staff between pre-covid-19 period (September, 2019 to January, 2020) and during the covid-19 surge (February, 2020 to June, 2020). Forty hotels were randomly selected within Calabar metropolis. Data for the study were sourced through primary and secondary means. Geographic Information System (GIS) was utilized to collect coordinates of the sampled hotels, while 400 structured questionnaires was purposively administered to the sampled respondents for data collections. Key Informant Interview (KII) was conducted with the executive chairman of the Hoteliers Association of Nigeria (HAN) Cross River State Chapter and hotel managers. Descriptive statistical technique was adopted for the study, while charts, tables and maps were used as a means to illustrate the findings. From the study analysis, it was discovered that 38 of all the hotels have retrenched more than 50 percent of their staff, reduced the salary of all the remaining staff and increased their work load during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the key findings, it was recommended among others that the government should provide financial palliative to hotel proprietors and grant them tax holiday to aid them retain all their staff and pay them full salary promptly.
Keywords: Covid-19; Spatio-temporal; Pandemic; Employment; Hotel
Psychological Profile of Victim and Victimizers in Cyberbullying and Sexual Harassment
Dra Elvira Ivone González Jaimes, Dr. Asdrúbal López Chau, Dr. Jorge Bautista López and Mtro. Valentin Trujillo Mora
The objective of the research is to identify the psychological and behavioral profiles of the victims and perpetrators who intervene in cybernetic Harassment and Sexual Harassment (HAS) in the university student population to know the motives that intervene in this aggression. The quantitative method was used to obtain the profiles, through an electronic one with: Questionnaire of the Module on Cyberbullying (MOCIBA) 2019, Test of Cognitive and Affective Empathy TECA and the Inventory of Unconventional Sexual Behaviors. Applied to our random one of 4916 university students. Results a) profile of the victim was in students between 18 and 21 years old, female in the area of social sciences, who showed high levels of empathic stress revealing their fragility in the face of negative emotions, as well as taking few actions against SAH cybernetic, because it eventually changes passwords and only deletes publication, message or video that it considers inappropriate, b) the profile of the perpetrator is poorly defined by the inconsistency of data, caused by anonymity, only obtaining high frequencies in participants between 26 and 29 years old, from male gender, who demonstrate sexual fantasies associated with the presentation or display of their own body or that of others, associated with domination or submission.
Keywords: Harassment and Sexual Harassment, Digital Media, Victim and Victimizer
The Impact of Human Resource Development on Crisis Management Styles at Ministry of Public Works in State of Kuwait
Meshal Rashed Al-Mutairi and Shaker Jaralla Alkshali
The study aimed to identify the impact of developing human resources on crisis management methods in the Ministry of Public Works in the State of Kuwait. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers developed a questionnaire that included (53) items, to collect primary data from the study sample consisting of (213) managers in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works. In light of this, data were collected, analyzed, and hypotheses tested using many statistical methods to achieve the objectives of the study and reach its results, including simple regression analysis and multiple regression.
After conducting the analysis process for the study data and testing its hypotheses, the study concluded that there is a significant impact on the development of human resources on crisis management methods in the Ministry of Public Works in the State of Kuwait.
In light of the findings of the study, the two researchers recommended establishing a specialized unit for developing human resources, in order to ensure the continuity of work in an efficient and effective manner.
Keywords: Human Resources Development, Crisis Management Styles, Ministry of Public Works, State of Kuwait.
Using a Clinical Simulator System to Improve Teachers’ Learning and Effectiveness
Gilad Cohen-Ynon and Moshe Sharabi
Clinical learning has traditionally been used to train medical students, but is now increasingly used to prepare new teachers. This type of training exposes inexperienced teachers to the professional knowledge and experience of experts in the subject (teaching methods, classroom management, decision making). The learning process usually takes place within a learning community of teachers. These teachers learn through experience, and study their own professional practice – effective ways of transferring knowledge, personal biases that limit them, and professional beliefs and identity. Fourteen elementary school teachers participated in the present study, using a clinical simulator. The findings indicate that all the teachers improved their teaching far more than in any other professional development process in which they have participated.
Keyword: Clinical Simulator, Teachers’ Learning, Learning Effectiveness, knowledge transformation