European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 56 No 3
April-May, 2018
Oil A Blessing Or A Curse: the Nigerian Experience
Agbaeze, E.K and Ukoha, Kalu
It has been argued that the impact of oil on the Nigerian economy is inconclusive. It can either be a blessing or a curse to any economy. In the case of Nigeria it has been a blessing since it has assisted in increased export and revenue generation which has been used for developmental purposes while on the other hand it has been a curse since the discovery of oil which has led to the neglect of other sectors of the Nigerian economy that would have positively impacted on the economy like agriculture and manufacturing sectors. This is in line with the Dutch disease argument which postulates that the discovery of natural resources may have a negative impact on the economy if efforts are not geared to diversify such economy. This has been Nigeria’s major problem. Therefore this study concludes that government should institutionally support diversification of the other sectors of the economy so as to allow the other sectors to contribute meaningfully to the overall growth of the Nigerian economy.
Keywords: Oil, Nigerian Economy, Performance.
JEL Code: N00
Tourist Perception Toward Food and Beverage Service Quality and Its Impact on Behavioral Intention: Evidence from Eastern Region Hotels in Emirate of Sharjah in United Arab Emirates
As'ad H. Aburumman, Mahmoud S. Malkawi, Barween H. A Lkurdi and Maher O. Alshamaileh
This study aims to investigate the impact of tourist perception of food and beverage service quality (FBSQ) and its factors as independent variable, which are tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, empathy, competence, assurance, health, and food attractiveness in the food and beverage industry in the Emirate of Sharjah on the behavioral intention as a dependent variable. The participants’ sample consists of (144) tourists and guests, which were taken from Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa and Le Meridien Alaqah Beach Resort. The findings of the study concluded that there is a significant impact on the overall Food and Beverage Service Quality (FBSQ) on behavioral intention (R2= 0.694, p < 0.05). This indicates that approximately (.694) percent of the variance in behavioral intention can be accounted for by the six FBSQ variables. Hence, the null hypothesis was rejected. Tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, health, and food attractiveness have more impact on behavioral intention (the Beta value for the predicted variables are β=0.315, β=0.298, β=0.254, β= 0.214, β= 0.194, p < 0.05) respectively.
Keywords: Service Quality, Food and Beverage, Behavioral Intention, Tourism, Sharjah, UAE.
Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Cause Analysis of Sichuan Qiang Ethnic Minority - Based on the Investigation of 245 Poor Households in Mao
Huang Yini and Jia Weihuan
Since the central government made a decision to help the poor, China has achieved remarkable results in poverty alleviation, but ethnic minority areas are still the main battlefield for China to fight poverty. Mao County is the country's largest ethnic minority settlement. It uses the MPI analysis method to conduct multi-dimensional analysis of 245 households in four dimensions including education, health, income, and living conditions. It finds that household income structure and medical expenditure affect poverty. In the factor analysis, the individual factors and basic guarantees were added. SPSS 19.0 was used for logistics binary regression analysis. It was found that gender also had a significant impact on poverty. Through understanding the poverty status of the poverty-stricken households currently surveyed, the new understanding Poverty reduction factors, and the reconstruction of poverty alleviation policies, and further optimization of the poverty alleviation pathway, can play a positive role in the local poverty alleviation work.
Keywords: Poverty alleviation; Poverty measures; Multidimensional poverty.
Type of Gardens that Reduce the Intensity of an Urban Heat Island
Ilham S. M. Elsayed
This study investigates type of gardens that ameliorate air temperature and reduce the intensity of the urban heat island of Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia. Previous studies show that, there is an increase in the intensity of the urban heat island of the city. In 2004, the increase was 1.5oC, which is a recognized increase whenever human health and comfort are the concern. This research examines four main gardens and parks within the city. For the purposes of the study, the selected parks were Main Lake Gardens, KLCC Park, Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, and National Zoo Park. The research uses data collected at the four sites. The study finds that, more mature and large areas gardens have lower temperatures. The study concludes that, the intensity of the urban heat island is directly affected by area and creation date of the garden not by the location or the distance of the garden from the nucleus of the urban heat island of the city.
Keywords: Type of Gardens, Intensity of Urban Heat Island, Kuala Lumpur City.
Self- Compassion as A Moderator of the Relationship between Dysfunctional Attitudes and Loneliness in Divorced Women
Elsaeed Abdel khalek Abdel moety and Abd El. MureedAbd El Gaber kassem
The research aims at examine the relationships among Self-compassion, Dysfunctional attitudes and loneliness in divorced women. . It was hypothesized that self-compassion would mediate the relationship between, Dysfunctional attitudes and loneliness. Results supported partial mediation, indicating that self-compassion partially accounts for the relationship between Dysfunctional attitudes and loneliness Implications for practice and research are discussed.
Keywords: Self-Compassion, dysfunctional Attitudes, psychological loneliness.
Preschool Teachers’ Perspectives on Precursors of Developmental Learning Disabilities in Young Children in Jordan
Mizyed A. Hyassat
Researchers have noted that children, having learning disabilities, show difficulties in several aspects, especially attention, perception, memory, learning and adaptive-social behavior skills. The study aimed at identifying pre-school teachers’ perspectives on precursors of developmental learning disabilities among preschool children in Jordan. A qualitative design was employed utalising semi structured interview technique. Twelve female preschool teachers were recruited from Amman and Zarqa cities to collect the data. Thematic analysis technique was implemented for data analysis. Three major themes emerged from the analysis, namely: cognitive skills, linguistic skills, and visual-motor coordination. Participants indicated that preschool children have short span in attention; therefore, their focus was not adequate to complete any task that they were asked to do. Findings have proved that preschool teachers were able to identify that linguistic difficulties, which are faced by children, having risk of learning disability, are the indications for later learning disabilities along with the visual–motor and cognitive inefficiency. In absence of a systematic early identification system in the country, the study concluded that preschool teachers play a critical role in early identification of potential preschool children with learning disabilities.
Keywords: Learning disabilities, pre-school, development, screening, Jordan.
The Effect of Using “Competencies Based Curriculum in Teaching” on Acquiring Tendencies Towards Science Subjects among Middle School Students' N the State of Kuwait
Manee Saad Almanea
The present study aimed to investigate the effect of teaching using “Competencies based curriculum” on students’ development of tendencies towards science subjects among middle school in the State of Kuwait. To achieve this aim a convenient sample of (50) students from the 7th grade students in Jahra Educational Area were chosen. The study used the one-group semi-experimental approach, with pre-test and post-test. The study tools consisted of the tendencies' scales towards science. The study came out with the following results: There is no significant statistical difference (α = 0.05) in the acquisition of tendencies towards science subject among middle school students in the State of Kuwait due to teaching using Competencies based curriculum. The study came out with a set of recommendations which include conducting more studies about the effect of teaching using “Competencies based curriculum” on the acquisition of other goals of science education.
Keywords: Competencies based curriculum - Tendencies towards Science subject.
The Criminal Liability of the Terrorist Crimes in the International Law
Nouf Abdalla Al Jasmi
Terrorist crimes are a group of crimes that harm both the interests of each individual state in which the crime was committed, as well as the interests of the entire international community. Moreover, these crimes are the most dangerous and the most violent category of crimes of 21 century. Terrorist acts, since 2001, have compelled the international community to work out a number of international acts aimed at combating terrorism. This work is aimed at the analysis of international acts to establish responsibility for terrorist crimes under international law. In this paper, we also consider the definition of terrorism in various international acts, and it is also analyzed and compared. The work also examines corpus delicti of terrorist crimes and analyzes its different elements. The work determines that for today there are a number of problems at the international level with the definition of terrorism, as well as the responsibility for such activities. Thus, the study and resolution of these issues is necessary for the development of a Comprehensive and National Convention on International Terrorism.
Keywords: terrorism, international law, criminal liability.