European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 55 No 4
December, 2017
Effects of Governance on Financial Stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda
Wilson Bashaija, Gregory .S .Namusonge and Eugene Ndabaga
The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of Governance on Financial Stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda.In Rwandan perspective, financial system is still relatively shallow and thus potential impact on financial stability. The sample size of 152 respondents was derived from the target population of 504. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) was checked to reveal the overall model of significance. In particular, the calculated F statistic was compared with the tabulated F statistic. A critical p value of 0.05 was used to determine whether the overall model is significant or not. The results indicated that governance has positive and significant effect on compliance and financial stability on Financial Stability of MFI in Rwanda.
Keywords: The effects of Governance on Financial Stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda.
Effect of Audit Process on Financial Stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda
Wilson Bashaija, Gregory .S .Namusonge and Eugene Ndabaga
The study sought to establish the effect of audit process on financial stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda. Furthermore the study used auditing theory. Moreover, Research Design, Population, Sampling Frame and Size, and Data Processing and analysis were used during the study. The targeted population was 504 while the sample size was 152 respondents. The study employed Analysis of variance (ANOVA) model for analyzing the data. The findings indicate that there is a statistically significant effect on audit process on financial stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda since the P value is actual 0.000 which is less than 5% level of significance. Therefore, implementation of effective human resource policies and procedures enhance organization’s control environment.
Keywords: The effect of audit process on financial stability of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda.
Évaluation des Performances Zootechniques des Pondeuses "ISA Brown" en Élevage Semi-Liberté à la Ferme Traditionnelle de Tiama (Côte d’Ivoire)
Gnabro Ouakoubo Gaston and Kouadio Kouakou Parfait
L’étude réalisée à la ferme traditionnelle de Tiama, dans le département d’Oumé a pour objectif spécifique de produire des poussins hybrides par l’association des poules de souche "ISA BROWN" et des coqs locaux. Pour conduire l’étude, 450 volailles ont été utilisées dont 350 poules pondeuses et 100 coqs afin d’obtenir des œufs fécondés. Afin de faciliter l’éclosion, deux couveuses électriques modernes à retournement automatique des œufs d’une capacité identique de 120 œufs ont été utilisées. Après 16 semaines d’élevage correspondant à 4 mois, nous avons obtenu 4 793 œufs pour 350 pondeuses affectées à l’étude. En revanche, nous avons obtenu 4 772 œufs éclos, soit 4 772 poussins. Le nombre d’œufs non éclos est de 21. Nous avons donc d’une part, un indicateur de performance relatif à la ponte très faible et d’autre part, un indicateur de performance zootechnique relatif à l’éclosion très excellent.
Keywords: Pondeuses ; Taux de Ponte ; Taux d’Éclosion ; Performances Zootechniques; Tiama.
Determinant Factors of Knowledge Sharing among academic Staff in the Jordanian Universities
Faleh Abdulgader Alhawary, Asad Hammad Abu-Rumman and Maher O. Alshamaileh
The main objective of the study is to examine the determinant factors of knowledge sharing among academic staff in the Jordanian universities, respondents view were also analyzed to show the most agree on the determinant factors of knowledge sharing. The study revealed that there are variation of the determinant factors on knowledge sharing, it shows that “Enjoyment in helping others, Knowledge self-Efficacy and ICT Use” have more significant effect on knowledge sharing, in addition, the study shows that It’s observed that “Top Management Support” was the highest determinant factors of knowledge sharing, and “Knowledge Self Efficacy” was observed the lowest determinant factor of knowledge sharing.
Keywords: Knowledge Sharing, University, Academic Staff.
Strengthening the Capacity of Human Resources Apparatus in the Implementation of New Autonomous Regions
Titi Darmi and Sri Suwitri
This research was conducted in Seluma regency as mandated for decentralization through new autonomous regions formulation policy based on Law Number 3/2003. This study analyzes the extent of Human Resource (HR) strengthening capacity of State Civil Apparatus implementation. The data were obtained through documentation, observation, in-depth interview and Focus on Group Discussion. Informants were determined by purposive sampling technique. The process of data analysis was conducted by collection, condensation, presentation and decision making and data verification. The results show that the capacity strengthening of human resource apparatus in Seluma Regency has not reached the objectives optimally. It is caused by some factors such as the lack of budget and leaders’ commitment in strengthening the capacity of their human resources.
Keywords: Capacity, Human Resources Apparatus, New Autonomous Regions.
Democracy, Towns Unions and Development of Rural Roads in Nigeria: A Focus on Selected Rural Communities in Ebonyi State
Humphrey Nwefure Nwobashi and Anthony Itumo1
This study examined how democratic governance stimulates the contributions of town unions to provide and maintain rural roads in Nigeria. The study was provoked by the need to empirically test the assumption of some scholars that democratic is key to stimulating towns to develop rural communities. The study was carried out in twelve selected rural communities chosen across the three senatorial zones of Ebonyi state. The data for the study were gathered with questionnaire, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), observation and documentary methods. The study adopted community action theory as its framework of analysis. The data were analyzed using simple percentage, contingency tables, and histogram while chi square was used for the test of hypotheses. The findings revealed that democratic governance has enhanced contributions of town unions in the construction and regular maintenance of rural roads in Ebonyi State. The study equally revealed that lack of enlightenment, illiteracy, and poverty among the rural dwellers poses challenge to town unions’ contributions to development of rural roads. The study recommended that government should provide periodic subventions to town unions to enable them mobilize adequate funds for the construction and maintenance of rural roads. Besides, leadership trainings should be organized on regular basis to educate and enlighten town union executives on the best global practices on rural development.
Keywords: Democratic governance, contributions, towns unions, development, rural communities.
An Effect of Stress among Medical Representatives working in Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India
Priya Kalyanasundaram
The purpose of this study was to understand the impact of Stress among medical representatives in Coimbatore. Pharmaceutical sales reps play a large role in helping an industry in a rapidly changing environment to achieve a new corporate vision and normally these medical representatives are in a highest stress position. Occupational stress index was given to assess the stress levels. The study found that organisation can reduce Role Conflict & Role Ambiguity by adopting a specific role strategy and the expectations of the MRs to be compared with their actual roles job profile and working hours need to be considered in the context of the well- being of the Medical representatives.
Keywords: Stress, Occupational Stress, Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity
Study of Unplanned Settlement Structures in Coastal Belawan Medan Fishermen Village
B. O. Y. Marpaung and Nadia Winny Silaban
Informal settlements are formed without the planning of the government and the settler community itself and are often built as a result of the massive urbanization of local people to the city. The urbanization process leads to an increase of the housing needs of the urban population, while the number of settlers who moved to cities is often un proportional to the amount of housing the community can afford. The purpose of this study is to find the structure of the settlement space and the relationship between each physical element that forming the built environment with the spatial pattern of settlements in Belawan Medan Fishermen Village. In the process of collecting the data, the researchers made a map of the observation area, space structure, and the relationship between one function room with other space functions. Also, researchers identified one spatial element to another spatial element. This study found the structure of settlement space in Belawan Medan Fishermen Village and the tendencies of the community of Belawan Medan Fishermen Village in building the built environment.
Keywords: spatial, structure, settlement, informal
Football and Sustainability in the Desert, Qatar 2022 Green World Cup’s Stadiums: Legal Perspective
Abdelnaser Zeyad Hayajneh, Hassan Elbarrawy, Yassin Elshazly and Tarek Rashid
As the year 2022 approaching, Qatar preparations for the FIFA World Cup is in progress. These preparations encompass very complicated processes in many and almost every aspect of life in the state of Qatar. Qatar promised the world with unprecedented, unforgettable, and magical tournament in the history. In this complicated process, environment is not irrelevant, rather, it is presented and taken into consideration, it is the promise of the State of Qatar to organize environment friendly World Cup.
Environmental and sustainability requirements are considered and monitored by Qatar’s legal and administrative frameworks, these requirements are to be observed during preparation and implementation processes and finally in the realization and organization of the tournament. From a legal and environmental perspective, this paper will explore the presence of the environment and sustainability in the Qatar 2022 bid, preparations, management, and delivery of the Stadiums constructed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Keywords: Qatar 2022, Sustainability, World Cup Stadiums, Construction Contracts, Legal perspective, Environmental Law, QRNF, NPRP Project.
Use of Hand Held Devices on Usage of Spellings in the Oral and Written Interface on Facebook in Business School in Lahore
Fozia Ahsan Rao, Aisha Kashif and Khurram Shahzad
Facebook as the recent phenomenon, researchers have relatively documented the significance of the Facebook as the novel technique for observing the behavior in the naturalist settings, and recruitment of the participants. The research has been revolving around to investigate and analyze the role of the excessive usage of Facebook by the learners on impacting the learning processes and educational standards, and the increased retention and usage of the Mobile phones, and hand held devices for the instant messaging impacting the spellings of the learners. The researcher has adopted the quantitative method of research in nature. The technique of questionnaire has been utilized to collect the data from the selected sample. The research data collected has been deeply analyzed through the implication of correlation and various regressions tests. It was reflected that the research findings have the oral and written interface on the Facebook impacts on the learning skills of the users.
Keywords: Mobile application, language skills, instant messaging and retentions, Usage of Facebook.