European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 54 No 4
April, 2017
A Study of Computational Journalism in Northeast India
Angshumita Deka and Saravanan Nallathambi
With the increasing collaborations of computer science with social sciences, the emergence of a new platform known as computational journalism has started to run in the veins of major news organizations in the advanced countries. To develop this field in India, the study of the present scenario relating to technology and media studies is very important. This would help to understand where and how computational tools are being used in the Indian journalism context and where the improvements can be made. India, being a vast nation, a study on the effects of technology in the newsrooms of the north-eastern region of the country, is brought out in this paper. It discusses the impact of computational technology in the field of journalism by discussing the advancements made in this field and where in Indian media, can such technology be implemented in order to improve print journalism.
Keywords: Computational Journalism, Communication Technology, Information Technology, Newspapers, Media, Indian Journalism
Attitudes of Jordanian Social Studies Teachers towards Active Learning Strategies
Ali. S.M. Al-swalha
The current study aimed at identifying the attitudes of Jordanian social studies teachers towards active learning strategies during the academic year of 2016 / 2017. That was done through building a 34 statements questionnaire. The questionnaire was build based on the studies of (Abu Snenah et al., 2009; Ashknani, 2013, Al-Shboul, 2013). It was distributed to 87 teachers and the collected data were processed through the SPSS program. The current study concluded that the overall attitudes of Jordanian social studies teachers’ towards such strategies are moderate. It was also concluded that there are statistically significant differences between their attitudes that can be attributed to the gender for the favor of females. There are also such differences that can be attributed to experience for the favor of the ones who hold 10 ten years of experience or more.
Keywords: Attitudes, Social studies, Social studies teachers, learning strategy, Active learning.
Etude de la consommation de substances psychoactives, troubles affectifs et facteurs émotionnels chez les adolescents de la ville de Khemisset (Maroc)
I. Cherkaoui El Malki, Y. El Madhi, I. Echerbaoui, F.Elmassioui and A.O.T. Ahami
Adolescence is a period of great changes and upheavals that are both cognitive-behavioral, somatic and psychic. It would appear that many personal risk behaviors result from a psychopathological and / or genetic vulnerability to addictions among adolescents.
In fact, psychological suffering is one of the generating factors leading to a shift towards the consumption of psychoactive substances. The objective of this work is to investigate the state of being of the consumption of these main psychoactive substances in adolescents in Khemisset. And the study of the relationship between the consumption of these substances and psychic disorders of anxious and depressive type. This study is descriptive transversal type performed by means of a questionnaire and psychological scales among 200 teenagers attending school in Khemisset in Morocco. The tests used are: The Hooked on Nicotine Checklist (HONC), the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HAD) and The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS). The results show that 15.5% of students are regular tobacco consumption. Of these, 96.77% have lost control of their tobacco consumption. They have a more pronounced depressive and affective anxiety profile than non-dependent subjects.
Keywords: Adolescence, psychological troubles, consumption of psychoactive substances, tobacco, Morocco.
Parenting Stress in Families with Visually Impaired Children in Nigeria: Implication for Counselling
Josephine Chioma Ubah, T.A. Adaka , Mkpoikanke Sunday Otu, Obatta Mercy Ijeoma, Edeh Nkechinyere Charity, Ogidi Chinenye Ifeoma and Onyebuchi Grace Uchechi
This study examined parenting stress in families with visually impaired children in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The objective of the study was to investigate the level of parenting stress in families with visually impaired children based on gender, age, home location and occupational status of parents. Four research questions and four null hypotheses were formulated in line with the objectives. Descriptive research design was adopted in the study and a sample size of 120 parents who met the inclusion criteria for the study were purposively selected from the three senatorial districts of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Parenting stress questionnaire was used for data collection while descriptive statistics of mean, standard deviation and t-test was used to analyze the data collected in the study. Findings revealed that parenting stress level of families with visually impaired children is high and do not significantly differ based on gender and home location, but differ based on age and occupational status. Based on the findings, the researchers concluded that parents of the visually impaired children should arrange for alternative care-givers and that government and non-governmental organizations should render support to families with visually impaired children.
Keywords: Parenting stress, families with visually impaired children, Nigeria.
Sheltered instruction and Vocabulary Learning Strategies for Academic Success of ELLS
Mohammad Yousef Ahmad AlSaraireh and Ku Mohd Nabil Ku Hamid
This paper investigates the need for sheltered instruction and Vocabulary Learning Strategies for language development as it is vital to develop the English language and academic language in Jordan. The paper reviews the reasons for students’ lack of proficiency in English, how it leads to student attrition and the methods used by international universities in English speaking countries to retain international students. The importance of academic language and the strategies used to teach academic language for academic success has been reviewed in this paper. In conclusion this paper suggests the changes that could be implemented to improve the academic language and English language of EFL students in Jordan for the country’s benefit.
Keywords: English proficiency, Student Attrition, Student Retention, Sheltered instruction, academic language, VLS for academic language
The Industrialization of Political Leadership in Nigeria
Joy U. Egwu
The problem of this paper relates to the method for analysing how since 1960 our political leadership have continued to behave like manipulated robots. The broad objective of the paper is to unmask the tendency of our political leaders to behave to type by playing the politics of xenophobia and genuflection as well as regional, ethnic and religious jingoism. The methodology of this paper is basically a desk review of extant literature and the presentation of relevant data to further demonstrate the tendency for prevarication among our political leaders by continually being corrupt and by saying one thing and doing another, since 1960. Finding indicates that since 1960, all Nigerian politicians and the military in politics fit into the assembly line mode thereby industrializing Nigerian politics with the "Return on Investment "(ROI) mentality and expectations. The policy implication is that Nigerian politicians since 1960 have not led the Nation towards social, cultural, economic and political development. Our recommendation for reversing this trend is to bring back the human dimensions of political leadership based on sound recruitment models for future Nigerian politicians.
Keywords: Political Leadership, robotisation, industrialisation, Human dimension, sound recruitment.
Policy Determinants of Gender Politics in Nigeria
Joy U. Egwu and George Atelhe
Emerging patterns in the Nigerian gender politics scenario between 1999-2015, clearly indicate that women are still short changed. Available data from the last 16 years, from the 774 Local Governments, the 36 States and Abuja Capital territory and the National Assembly right up to the Presidency, all indicate very passive presence of women in Nigerian politics. Presence of women is only a token as very insignificant percentage of them are elected or appointed, relative to their overall population dominance. The task of this paper is to address the above vexatious situation through the action research frame work which suggests that to change anything, we must first understand it. A major hypothesis tested is that Nigerian women are not interested in politics. Methods adopted included secondary and primary data collected through the use of questionnaire. The results obtained indicate that majority of women are interested in changing the situation if only quotas are reserved for them by the governments and parties; and according to agreed conventions or quotas implemented at all levels.
Keywords: Gender Politics, Policy Determinants, Policy Implementation, Nigerian Politics .
The Need to Value Being A Child: Implications for Parents and Teachers
Patience E. Obiweluozo, Godwin C. Abiogu, Gloria C. Ugwu, Elizabeth Nkechi Ebizie, and Chukwujekwu Charles Onwuka
This paper examined the need to value being a child and its implications to parents and teachers. The study is a descriptive survey. Five research questions guided the study. One hundred and ten (110) parents/teachers were randomly sampled from Orumba South Local Government Area in Anambra State for the study. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The findings of the study show that the need to value being a child is of great necessity in producing better future adults. It revealed the paramount importance of understanding the characteristics of the child to enable parents/teachers care and handle them. It portrayed meeting the needs of young children, in order to demonstrate their value for children. Based on the findings, it is recommended that parents/teachers acknowledge the sense of valuing being a child in order to help children develop full potentials.
Keywords: Child, value being a child, parent, teachers.
Effects of Oil Types (Soyabean and Groundnut Oils) on the Organoleptic Attributes of Pastry and Dough Products
Ngozi M. Eze, Kemi Priscilia Ogbonna, Elizabeth Nkechi Ugwu, Chinwe A. Ayogu, Bibian Amaka Ezeanwu and Helen Amaka Njoku
Changes in family lifestyles have led most family members to engage in snacking. Most snacks are produced using animal fat which has large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. This has the potential to cause several cardiovascular diseases. Healthy plant oils such as soya bean oil and groundnut oil could be used as substitute for animal fat in snacks. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of oil types (soyabean and groundnut oils) on the organoleptic attributes of pastry (biscuit) and dough (chin-chin) products. The study adopted a factorial experimental design. Population and sample of the study consisted of all the 38 Home Economics Students in the School of Technical Education, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. The instrument used for data collection was a 9-point Hedonic scale. Data collected was analysed using Student t-test. Findings revealed that the pastry and dough products produced using plant oil had low acceptability level as the panelists preferred the pastry and dough made with baking fat. Thus, there were significant differences between the mean ratings of the panelists on the organoleptic attributes of pastry (biscuits) and dough (chin chin) prepared using plant oils and the ones prepared with baking fat. To this end, the organoleptic properties of pastries and dough produced using plant oil have to be improved upon to increase its acceptability.
Keywords: Dough; Nutritional Counseling; Oil types, Organoleptic attributes; Pastry.
Author Rights in software programs A comparative study
Salih Ahmed Luhaibi
The software programs are considered one of the requirements of economic life, and also educational and social life in any country. Advance of any country is measured by the technology owned in this field so, we choose this title. The laws of protecting copyrights in Iraq, UAE and Egypt which recently issued, include rules of protecting copyrights. The question here is, are these rules applied to the software programs or not? Especially in Iraq where Copyright Protection Act no. 3/ 1971 is relatively old compared to the two relatively recent Egyptian and UAE laws which issued in 2002, in one hand. From other hand, we found that most studies emphasize on protecting copyrights of such programs with no more attention to rights of beneficiary of such programs as being the weak party. Beneficiary is often subject to be controlled by major companies as the beneficiary accepts the imposed requirement related to marketing the programs and the imposed prices of such technology. Such technology is able to update many programs as it has massive potentials exceeding budgets of many developing countries. Thus, this research is conducted to balance between these conflicting rights especially in Iraq and to determine which laws are initially applied to software programs. Whether Copyright Protection Act no. 3/1971, patent and industrial designs law no. 5/1970 or trademarks law, compared to UAE copyrights and related rights law no. 7/ 2002 and the Egyptian Act no. 82/ 2002 of intellectual property which include some provisions of the conflicting rights and attempts to balance between them.