European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 53 No 1
September, 2016
Influence of Counsellors in the Promotion of Educational Activities of Pupils in Primary Schools in Anambra State, Nigeria
Anthony U Okere, Kay Chinonyelum Nwamaka Onyechi, Chiedu Eseadi, Adaora Onuorah, Chjioke D. Ncheke, Shulamite Ebere Ogbuabor, Uchenna Eugenia Uzodimma, Chinenye Ifeoma Ogidi, Nwaeze Ogbonnaya Okoro
The study investigated the influence of counsellors in the promotion of educational activities of pupils in primary schools in Anambra State, Nigeria. The study was an Ex-Post facto research. A sample of 108 respondents (Teachers and Headteachers) was selected from Onitsha Metropolis of Anambra State for the study through simple random sampling. The instrument for data collection was face validated by two experts in Guidance and Counselling and one in Measurement and Evaluation all in the Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka. The reliability coefficient of the instrument was 0.90alpha. Two research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. Mean and standard deviation (SD) was used to answer research question one while Pearson correlation was used to answer research question two. Linear regression was used to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The study found out that guidance counsellors involve themselves in promoting the educational activities of pupils in primary schools in Onitsha Metropolis of Anambra State to a great extent; counsellors have positive influence in the promotion of educational activities of pupils in primary schools; and counsellors have significant influence in the promotion of educational activities of pupils in primary schools in Onitsha Metropolis of Anambra State. Recommendations were made based on these findings.
Keywords: Counsellors, Educational Activities, Promotion, Pupils, Primary Schools
Unemployment and Political Participation in Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria
Udeuhele, Ikechukwu Godwin
The rate of unemployment in Africa and particularly Nigeria is increasing at a geometrical progression. This apparently spells doom for the future generation, if not checked as matter of urgency. In the case of Africa and Nigeria in particular, evidences abound to buttress the interconnectedness among unemployment, economic inequality and political participation. This scenario has overwhelming implications for sustainable political development of Nigeria. This paper undertakes to unearth the interactions between unemployment and political participation in Nigeria adopting the Marxist theory of post colonial state, which underlies the political economy approach. Data are drawn from secondary sources, which to a large extent brings to the fore the fact that the unemployed become victims of economic inequality and given the high stakes in Nigeria politics are prone to political apathy, frustration and hopelessness. The paper vehemently proposes that government should exercise the political will to engage constructively in dismantling all seemingly governance and institutional hindrances to popular participation. It is therefore recommended that money politics be discouraged using appropriate legal measures. Various empowerment and job creation programmes should be objectively implemented to ameliorate the high incidences of economic inequality as a result of unemployment thereby encouraging greater political participation in Nigeria.
Keyword: Unemployment, political and economic inequality, political participation, money politics.
Analyzing the Content of National Education Course for Grades Nine and Ten in Terms of the Availability of Social, Religious, Political, and Economic Values of the Jordanian Society
Hussein Khazer Almajali, Ahmed Mohammad – Laid Bendania, Asma Naiyf Salti Saraireh, Hiam Jameel Kamal Katanani
The purpose of this study is to analyze the content of National Education textbook for ninth and tenth grades of the higher basic stage in Jordan ; qualitative analysis to identify the content features, dimensions, and components; and a quantitative analysis to identify the extent scheduled to focus on social, religion, politics, and economic values in the Jordanian society. The research sample was identified in the content of student textbook of the ninth and tenth grades in the academic year 2015/2016 . The results showed that the goal set specified in instilling a sense of belonging to the society and the state in the souls of the disciples, and the exploitation of proper instincts to promote social cohesion among members of society. The values contained in the textbooks were summarized in four groups included: social values, religious values, political values and economic values. And the distribution of values represented in the content of political values and social values are a priority in the first place was followed by economic values and religious values. And characterized by the distribution of values in the textbook was balanced between the values of the four groups and the textbook for ninth and tenth grades.
Keywords: National Education textbook, Social values, political values, religious values, political values
Derivation of Standards for Detection Test for Gifted Children in Pre-school at a Jordanian Sample
Feryal Abdel- hadi Shanikat
This study aimed to derive standards for test detected gifted children in pre-school , and to achieve that a scale for detection of gifted children has been used (Shanikat, 2014) which is a scale consists of eight dimensions each dimension consists of a number of paragraphs where the scale as a whole consists of (135) items distributed on the following dimensions: physical dimension, emotional, Kenetic, personal, linguistic, cognitive, social, and interests dimension. Where the scale was applied to a sample consisted of (400) kindergarten children at the aged of (4-6) from both males and females, and the scale was applied in several parts of the capital Amman, namely (Shafa Badran, Marj Al Faras, Khalda) semantics content validity were extracted , and construction validity, Concurent Vallidity, Discriminate Validity, as well as indications of test-retest reliability and correctors reliability and internal consistency, and the result was that the test has significance of validity and reliability which are acceptable for the purposes of the study, and criteria have been deriven to enable specialists of determining the degree of talent among gifted children in pre-school stage, helping to provide appropriate services to invest the talents of children in early childhood.
Keywords: kindergarten, gifted children, Scale, detect talent, derivation of standards for Pre-school children
Effects of Ghost Workers’ Syndrome on the Survivability of Nigerian Pubic Service: A Study of Some Selected States
Edeh, J.N., Nwakamma, M.C. and Anigbata, D.O.
Public service (Bureaucracy) is the engine of national development. This is why every nation in the world pursues and seeks to have effective, efficient and gallant public civil service. The paper centres on the ‘Effects of Ghost workers syndrome on the survivability of Nigerian public service. Objectives of the study are to ascertain the impacts of ghost workers syndrome on Nigeria public service; to identify the cause effects of ghost workers syndrome in Nigeria public service and to suggest ways of tackling the menace of ghost workers in the Nigerian public service. Five states in Nigeria were selected namely: Ebonyi, Delta, Kano, Kebbi and Plateau. The study is anchored on the scientific management and bureaucratic theories as espoused by Fredrick Winslow Taylor and Marx Weber respectively. A combination of the theories revealed that scientific selection and Development of the workforce; and recruitment based on the principle of merit can curtail the incidences of “ghost workers” in the Nigerian public service. The paper found out that: corruption, greed, lack of accurate and reliable data, lack of supervision and patriotism, politicization of recruitment are the major causes of ghost workers syndrome in the public service. The researchers discovered the effects of ghost workers’ syndrome to include: high rate of youth unemployment, slow pace in development, rise in crime and criminalities and waste of public funds. The paper recommends: Use of E-governance, strife penalties to be used as deterrent to others, constant biometrical verification among others and concludes with a call to all and sundry to join hands to fight the evil of ghost workers in the Nigerian public service.
Keywords: Ghost Workers, Public Service, Survivability and Syndrome, Corruption
The Impact of Deposit Insurance Scheme on Bank Intermediation in Nigeria
Ifeoma Nwakoby, Josaphat Onwumere, Imoh Ibe and Ogochukwu Okanya
This study evaluates the effect of a deposit insurance scheme on bank intermediation in the Nigerian banking industry. Specifically, it determines whether the presence of a deposit insurance scheme improves the quality of bank deposits or has any significant impact on the quality of bank assets. Adopting the ex-post facto and analytical research designs, annual time series data are collated and tested using the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression technique. Findings reveal that the presence of a deposit insurance scheme has positive and significant impact on deposits and assets of deposit money banks. We conclude therefore, that the presence of a deposit insurance scheme is beneficial to deposit money banks in Nigeria and should be supported by government through the enhanced powers of the regulatory authorities.
Keywords: deposit insurance; banks; intermediation; bank deposits; bank assets.
Attitudes of the Mothers toward Hysterectomy for their daughters with Intellectual Disability (ID) in Sultanate of Oman, and Motives for the Hysterectomy
Belal Ahmad Odeh and Rodaina. Khader AlTarawneh
This study aimed to know the attitudes of the mothers toward hysterectomy for their daughters with Intellectual disability (ID) in sultanate of Oman, and motives for the hysterectomy. Also it aimed to investigate the effect of some variables on these attitudes. In order to achieve the aims of this study, questionnaire of attitudes toward hysterectomy were used to collect data from 98 the mothers of the girls with ID. The results showed that most of the Omani mothers refused hysterectomy for the girls with ID. Also, the results indicated to the most important are motives respectively: fear of sexual abuse, fear of illegal pregnancies resulting from sexual abuse and avoiding embarrassment.
Finally, the results showed that there are no statistically significant differences between the mothers of the girls with ID in the attitudes toward hysterectomy for the girls with ID due to mother age, educational level of mother, number of family members, daughter with ID age and disability degree for her daughter.
Keywords: Attitudes, hysterectomy, girls with Intellectual Disability (ID).
Socio-Economic Profile of Coastal Fishing Communities: A Case Study on Fishermen - Participants from Azam Tani Programme and Social Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR), in Terengganu, Malaysia
Dara Aisyah H.M Ali Puteh, Norizan Abdul Ghani, Fadzli Adam
Poverty among the fishermen is still one of the country’s main problems. Various development projects in the fisheries sector have been carried out, to address these issues, but in general, the plan was found to be less than successful and less effective. Therefore, the government launched various programmes such as Social Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR) in 2007 and Azam Tani program in 2010. These two programmes are public related and implemented in order to help increase the poor and unfortunates’ source of income. In order to develop the fisheries sector, the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) also works to ensure fishermen benefit from the programme in order to improve their socio-economic status. This study aims to assess the socio-economic aspects of coastal fishermen who receive funds and help from the programme under LKIM. Data were collected through several ways, namely; in depth interviews with the programme participants, interviews with key informants from LKIM, and through focus group discussion between fishermen (participants of Azam Tani Programme), SPKR and the programme organiser. The findings showed that fishermen living in areas where both SPKR and Azam Tani programmes took place, saw no changes in the participants’ socio-economic profiles as it was still low. Fishermen need moral support from agencies involved to boost their socio-economic status. They also need assistance in the form of health facilities, food, education, religion and future life guarantees. This assistance will contribute to the improvement of their socio-economic status. In general, fishing becomes a career due to poverty, where most fishermen have only completed primary school, have no skills, no extra income, and their wives only work as housewives. The level of income before and after being provided the funds and assistance has not changed their status, but the rates of spending were found to be greater than the monthly income. The study found that most participants have no savings, the fishermen’s needs are unparallel with the assistance provided in the programme, the agencies involved offer inefficient management and no subsidy or social guarantees are provided to the fishermen and these factors, faced by the fishermen participants, are affecting their learning process through the program which is, up to now, still unfinished. Thus, well planned and controlled improvements that suit the needs of fishermen need to be implemented so that the poverty issue of fishermen can be overcome in the future.
Keywords: Poverty Among Fishermen, Coastal Fishing Communities, Azam Tani Program Participants, People's Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR), Terengganu.
Factor Analysis of Promoting Hotels in Thailand to Support the ASEAN Economic Community
Mullika Najanthong
The purpose of this research was to study the marketing promotion of three-star hotels in Thailand to support the ASEAN Economic Community. The research was conducted by surveys using questionnaires to collect data from 757 ASEAN tourists staying in three-star hotels within three provinces, including Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiangmai, the major tourism city of Thailand. The questionnaires were designed to study the marketing promotion that affects the decision-making of tourists during their stay in the hotels. The results indicated that the most influential marketing promotion was electronic marketing. It was found that the marketing promotions could be divided into four factors, including public relations, advertising, sales promotions, and electronic marketing. If the three-stars hotels want to succeed, they must emphasize these types of promotions, as they were the key factors that encourage ASEAN tourists to stay at the hotels.
Keywords: Promotion, Hotels, ASEAN Economic Community
Teacher-Student Relationship and School Rules/Regulations As Correlates of Students' Dropout Tendency
Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, John. J. Agah, Chinwe Enyi, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue, Ezikanyi Meltus Sunday
The rate at which students drop out of secondary schools in Nigeria is alarming. Empirical evidence indicates that about 10.5 million children dropout of school in Nigeria. This poses a major threat to the educational system in the country. It is on this note that the researchers studied teacher-student relationship and rules/regulations as correlates of students' dropout tendency in South-South Nigeria. The study was guided by three research questions and three null hypotheses. The study adopted a correlational survey design in a population of 2598 and a sample of 520 secondary school dropouts in the South-South Nigeria. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire titled: “Teacher-student relationship, rules/regulations and students' dropout tendency questionnaire”, developed by the researchers. An overall reliability coefficient of 0.88, 0.81 and 0.85 were obtained for clusters A, B and C representing Teacher-student relationship, rules/regulations and students' dropout tendency respectively were obtained. The research questions were answered using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient while the hypotheses were tested using linear regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance. The results of the study showed that there was a significant relationship between teacher-student relationship, rules/regulations and students' dropout tendency. Based on the findings discussion and conclusion were drawn.
Keywords: Teacher-student relationship, rules/regulations and students' dropout tendency

Durability of a Believer’s Murderer in Hell from the Perspective of the Holy Quran
Hossein Hosseini Karnami and Morteza Darabinia
Humankind is God’s best creation and his/her spirit has an especial value. The Holy Quran forbids murdering human beings and considers murdering a human to be equal to murdering all humankind, putting great emphasis on protection of the believers’ lives. In sura Nesa verse 93, mentioned that the penalty for deliberately murdering the believer is to abide in hell. The reason for a murderer’s durability in Hell has been the origin of a long-running dispute between religious interpreters. Through an analytical method, the present study, while inferring interpreters’ seven theories concerning above-mentioned verse analyzed it and indicated that it is only a correct theory. In other words, God’s judgment in the above-mentioned verse is general and includes the believer as well as the unbeliever who would murder a believer. However, durability in hell depends on murdering a believer due to his/her faith and the murderer’s lack of repentance.
Keywords: Islam, Quran, Murdering, Believer, Hell