European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 51 No 4
April, 2016
Strategic Role of Nationalism in Nation-State Building Process: Comparative Historical and Instrumental Analysis of Italy, Germany and Turkey In The Context of Nationalism
Ahmet ILYAS and Murat SILINIR
Nation Building Program of the Republic of Turkey has a Western character. The impact of the French Revolution has played a key role in this process. Trends such as Italy and acquired an important place in the political unity of Germany is now completed and the process of building the family of nations living system has led to exhibit very different political trends. These different political tendencies affected the political and military elite of the Republic of Turkey, a country that rose from its ashes. It is worth noting that some of the strategic instruments that have been used in the nation-building process in Italy and Germany were adopted by the Turkish authorities. The main objective of this study is to analyze the effects of Nazism and Fascism which emerged in Germant and Italy after the First World War had on Turkey during the single party rule. This study is divided into three main sections within the framework of this main objective. As a first step, rise of Fascism in Italy and prominent political practices are discussed. Second, political activities of Nazism in Germany are analyzed. The last part of the study, impact of Fascism and Nazism on the Republic of Turkey during the one-party period is examined.
Keywords: Fascism, Nazism, Single Party Period, Nationalism, Nation Building
Organizational Justice and Organizational Identification of Millennials in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Conceptual Framework
Maimunah Ismail and Ralf Bebenroth
This article proposes a conceptual framework of influence of organizational justice on organizational identification of Millennials in mergers and acquisitions (M&As;). An extensive literature review method was employed to identify and analyse relevant literatures, and was driven by the Person-Environment Fit theory. This research focuses only on Millennials owing to the significant increase of this generation cohort in many countries’ workforce. The authors identified potential predictors of three dimensions of organizational justice, viz. distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice on organizational identification as perceived by Millennials in M&As.; Future research should validate and examine the predictive power of the proposed relationship. The paper could offer practical implications to human resource managers, communication managers, and employees to assist in the M&A; process by understanding organizational identification resulting from organizational justice. In an M&A; deal one should take cognizance of specific relationships between organizational justice dimensions and organisational identification from the perspective of the Millennials. The paper uses the Person-Environment Fit theory in conceptualizing organizational identification by linking it with organizational justice dimensions in an M&A context and it further adds value to conceptualizing organizational identification.
Keyword: Organizational Justice, Organizational Identification, Millennial, Mergers and Acquisitions, Person-Environment Fit Theory
L’ancrage territorial socialement responsable à la lumière des rapports des banques commerciales alpha au Liban
Mireille Chidiac El Hajj
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the foundations of regional anchoring in light of the alpha commercial Lebanese banks reports. Therefore, we initially proposed to divide the concept of regional anchoring into two parts: the first related to the proactive proximity, the second related to partnership. By doing so, we were hoping to verify if the alpha Bank in Lebanon is providing answers to the most urgent current problems; since one of the goals of regional anchoring is to "prevent and solve community problems”. The results of the study showed that the actions taken by the alpha Lebanese banks in terms of regional anchoring are still doing their first steps. They are divergent, isolated and heterogeneous and do not exactly meet the expectations of the community.
Keywords: Regional Anchoring – Commercial alpha Lebanese Banks-Proactive proximity- Partnership- Community
Occupational Stress in Higher Education: A Case Study of the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa
Owusu-Boateng William, Hagan Abigail Adwoa Anooh and Acheampong Frank
The research investigated occupational stress and its impact on job performance. The research adopted the case study design. The stratified random sampling and census was used to select one Hundred (100) participants from the employee’s population of three hundred and ninety six (396) of the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa in Ghana, West Africa. The study took into consideration the three stratified groups of the University namely senior members, senior staff and junior staff. The research sought to investigate the impact of workload on job performance, career or academic development barriers on job performance and interpersonal relationship on job performance in the tertiary or higher education sector. A questionnaire was used to collect data from the participants, based on the research questions. The data analysis revealed that career or academic development barriers is the major stressor for employees of the University of Mines and Technology. The study recommends that organizational changes must be made to reduce the bureaucratic and administrative procedures through developing management training in leadership, interpersonal skills, dealing with change and developing teamwork. This study is significant because of the insights it provides for the management of the Universities and higher education institutions to incorporate occupational stress management in policies formulated for the welfare of employees.
Keywords: Stress, Organization, Occupation, Mines
The Movement of Adolescents from one Denomination to Another in Lagos Metropolis: Implications for Christian Education
Olusola Bamidele Okunlola, Dare Ojo Omonijo, Albert Oguche Shaibu, Mac-Ben Okeke, Olu Owolabi and Anthony Onwumah
This study was conducted to examine the movement of adolescents from one church to another in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria with a focus on Baptist church. An attempt was made to determine reasons for the purported movement, by investigating the peculiarities of various Baptist churches within the Chosen Generation Baptist Association. The study employed a sample of 200 respondents. Questionnaires were administered to these individuals, to obtain answers research questions guiding the research. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics; simple percentiles based on the frequency of occurrence of the responses to each item of the research instrument. Results revealed that, Baptist adolescents are moving in a significant dimension to other churches, especially non-Baptist churches; Baptist adolescent movement is largely due to their dissatisfaction with the style of worship at their local churches; their parents, teachers or pastors lack of creative and innovative skills in making the things they teach, relevant to their current realities; to mention a few. Recommendations were made on the basis of the findings.
Keywords: Adolescents, migration, Baptist Churches, implications, Christian Education
Exploring the Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction- An Imperical Study of Mobily Company in Saudi Arabia
Fahed S. Khatib and Adil Zia
This study examines different service quality dimensions that may influence customer satisfaction towards Mobily company/ Saudi Arabia.
Drawing on relevant literature, the authors empirically tested the relationship between study variables on a sample of 310 customers. The study findings indicate that customer satisfaction is influenced mainly by: network efficiency, safety, reliability and tangibility. While it was found that empathy and responsiveness have no effect on the achievement of customer satisfaction.
Findings of this study have important implications for telecommunication companies. Limitations of the study are considered, and future research directions are identified.
Keywords: Service Quality, Customer satisfaction, Mobile Services, Telecom Services
Correlation of fossilized errors and failure of B.A students through Error Analysis
Maimoona Rana, Rabia Sohail and Raheela Naz
This study aims to enable B.A students to avoid making those impeding errors that cause them to lose maximum marks in English compulsory paper A conducted by University of the Punjab. Since these candidates have been learning English from grade 1, their errors cannot be termed as their mistakes. Hence, the term coined as “fossilization” best suits the purpose of this study. The data was collected from complete attempted English Compulsory paper A by 20 students of B.A. The errors were analyzed in terms of the extent to which they cause students to lose marks and eventually fail. The errors were further analyzed in such a way as to find out the recurrent errors, avoiding of which can prevent failure. Correlations between marks gained by students and Group 1 errors and Group 2 errors were calculated separately using Microsoft Excel. The research was successful in pointing out fossilized errors and to suggest certain recommendations. Strong inverse relation was found in terms of negative value of correlation for the Group 1 errors whereas; a weak negative value of correlation exists in the Group 2 errors. If the students avoid errors of nouns and verbs, carefully avoid Present Indefinite tense in their written compositions and use Past Indefinite tense instead, they can score good marks and evade failure.
Keyword: Error analysis, fossilization, correlation, B.A students
New Supervisory Authority to Safeguard Banking Stability in Greece
Spyridon Repousis
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to present the new Supervisory Authority, which is Hellenic or Greek Financial Stability Fund and its role, to safeguard Greek Banking System Stability during the current financial crisis.
Design/methodology/approach - Greece, since late 2009, was subjected to a Great Government – Debt Crisis which caused great liquidity and capital adequacy problems. The Hellenic or Greek Financial Stability Fund was founded in Greece, in July 2010 (under Law 3864/2010) as a private legal entity and does not belong to the public sector. It has administrative and financial autonomy, operates exclusively under the rules of the private economy.
The purpose of the Fund is to contribute to the maintenance of the stability of the Greek banking system, for the public interest, monitoring and providing capital support to credit institutions. The Fund acts in line with the relevant commitments of the Greek Republic under Law 4046/2012 (A’ 28), as updated pursuant to paragraph 3d of Article 1 of the same Law.
Findings – During May and June 2013 the four systemic banks completed their share capital increases. The amount that the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund contributed for share capital increases was lower than the one determined by the Bank of Greece, due to private sector participation in share capital increases. The nominal amount of European Financial Stability Fund actually disbursed amounted to € 24,998.1 million, whereas the fair value amounted to €25,522.2million.
The total amount provided for the funding gap of the financial institutions under liquidation by the Fund reached €13,489,008,071 up to 30/9/2015, out of which €486,030,476 were recovered and €10,739,302,633 were assessed as non-recoverable. The estimated recoverable amount was assessed €2,263,674,962.
Originality/value – To the best of the author’s knowledge this is the first paper examining this issue. As far as current Greek public debt crisis is still present, the role of the new supervisory authority will be significant for banking sector and economy.
Keywords: Banks, Regulatory Authority, Greece
In Search of Good Fit: The Role of External Environment on High Performance Organization
Solomon Ozemoyah Ugheoke, Mohd Faizal Mohd Isa and Wan Shakizah Wan Mohd Noor
The environment that organizations operate has remained the subject of significant research both in business marketing and economic researches in recent time. Usually it comprises of numerous elements that are beyond the control of management which create danger and opportunity for the organizations. Organizations can understand the quality of these factors through environmental analysis to reduce uncertainty and create strategy to achieve higher performance. In view of the above, we examine these using 347 food and beverages SMEs that have spent over ten years in the market. The findings revealed that competitive environment and government support has significant influence on high performance organizations. The result provides a more robust understanding of the effect of environmental factor on SMEs performance and recommended that practitioner should carefully consider environmental factors in decision making.
Keyword: HPO, external environment, government support, competitive environment
The Effect of Writing Summary as an Advance Organizer on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners' Reading Comprehension Ability
Shabnam Ettehad and Hanieh Davatgari Asl
The present study was an investigation and analysis of the effects of writing summary as an advance organizer (AO) on Iranian intermediate EFL learners' reading comprehension abilities. This study examined whether Iranian students as EFL learners with intermediate English ability for reading comprehension would benefit from writing summaries. To that end, 40 Iranian university students at intermediate level in EFL programs at Mallard Islamic Azad University as the participants of the study were selected. Data collection was done through the written summaries. The study followed schema theory of reading and quasi-experimental research design. To analyze the collected data, the statistical analysis procedures of One-Way ANOVA, and Paired-sample t-test were performed to compare the mean scores of experimental and control groups. The results showed that there was not any significant difference between argumentative and creative essays as far the types of errors or the frequency of errors was considered, because the same types of errors were done in both modes of writing.
Keywords: Advance organizers, Summary, Reading comprehension, Schema theory