European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 50 No 4
December, 2015
Internal Migration in Jordan
Nazeeh Almanasyeh
The aim of this study was to reveal and analyze the size and trends of internal migration in Jordan. The methods of analysis rely on available data on place of birth and place of current residence as well as data on place of current and previous residence, and data available from censuses and surveys conducted by the Department of Statistics (1994 Census, 2004 Census, 2003 Multi-purpose Household Survey). The 2004 census tract results were used in this study. In our study, ‘internal migration’ refers to the migration of people who change their place of birth, and relocate and reside in different areas. A form of the gravity model was applied to show the expected numbers of migrants compared to the real numbers of migrants. The findings of the study show there is significant internal migration in Jordan among governorates, with the proportions of migration to total numbers of population in governorates and regions, varying across these different areas. The central region in Jordan continued to receive migrants from different areas, while, the southern region in Jordan continued to move migrates to different areas.
Keyword: Internal Migration, Size and Trends, Jordan
Keywords: Internet, Lecturer
Protecting Consumers from Unfair Competition in Internet Based Contracts with Special Focus on Bahrain
Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat
This Paper deals with the consumer's protection in the contract through the internet of unfair competition, since internet contracting has become a legal point of view such protection maybe characterized by the disadvantaged status of the consumer being the weak said of the contracting process. This study aims to show how to protect consumer in the Kingdom of Bahrain from unfair competition when contracting through the internet and to find out applicable law. The study shows the lack of legislation in Bahrain specifically laws needed to deal with existing contracting issues. The study followed the analytical methodology and provided a review of previous and current relevant studies related to the issue of internet contracting.
Keyword: Internet, legislation, unfair competition, legitimate competition, consumer, protection
Conflict of Laws in case of Violation to Copyrights
Murad Alil Tarawneh and Mohamad Ali Helalat
The copyright is created by inventing a intellectual work that the author thereof enjoys therewith in his capacity as the inventor of such work. In case of violating such right; especially by a foreign person, the issue shall be represented in determining the law applicable, while there is three opinions assumes the application of law of country of origin, law of country claiming the protection and the personal law of the author.
Thereupon, the purpose for this study is to clarify these opinions and determine the most applied opinion; namely, the law of Country of Origin.
Keywords: copyright, conflict of laws, law applicable, international protection
Conservation et renforcement de la paix sociale à l’horizon 2020 en Côte d’Ivoire: Espoir ou Inquiétude
Fofana Memon
La persistance des crises socio-politiques, de l’introduction du multipartisme à la crise post-électorale en passant par le coup d’Etat de 1999 et la crise armée de 2002, a entrainé progressivement une fracture sociale profonde au sein de la société ivoirienne. Grace à l’action du gouvernement et de ses partenaires au développement, la paix sociale se reconstruit progressivement en Côte d’Ivoire. C’est ce qui amène le Président de la République à dire que « La paix est revenue en Côte d’Ivoire, (…)» . Mais serait-il possible de conserver et/ou de renforcer cette paix sociale à l’horizon 2020 dans un contexte de pluralité politique et de l’enjeu que pourrait revêtir la conquête du pouvoir d’Etat à cette époque ? C’est à cette interrogation que le présent texte tente d’apporter des éléments de réponse. Au plan méthodologique, le texte s’appuie sur une approche qualitative à visée compréhensive axée sur des entretiens semi-structurés, des observations et des focus group.
Keywords: paix sociale, crise, 2020
Role of Jordanian Universities in Developing Political Awareness within its Students
Mohammad Saleem Alzboon, Rama Sedqi Alhajjawi, Saleem Odeh AlZboon and Ghomaim Hmood Al-Tashah
political awareness is considered one of the concepts or terms that is of a great importance in the field of political science, as it aims to achieve the aspirations and objectives of the members of the community and raise the level of the society in terms of health, education ,the standards of living and the provided services of all kinds, as well as the development of the prevalent social systems and developing the cultural context of the community, as it helps in fighting systems and values that do not conform with the requirements of the progress and that is not consistent with the requirements of development, or at least helps in developing them to cancel their role in blocking progress.
Coping with Job Stress in the Banking Sector: A Study of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Joshua O. Nweke
Job stress has adverse effects on both organizations and employees. Previous studies examining the causes of job stress paid little attention to stress management and coping strategies especially in the banking sector. This study therefore, aimed to determine the various ways employees in the banking sector could cope with workplace stress. The questionnaire instrument used in this study focused on respondents’ demographic characteristics and the coping strategies adopted in overcoming workplace stress. Twenty eight bank workers participated in this study. Symbolic interactionism and macro-analytic, state-oriented theories formed the framework. Results indicate that stress on the job reduces when employees (i) do physical exercises like jugging, aerobatics and regular visit to the gym (89%), (ii)have more control over their jobs (93%), (iii) are allowed to handle family issues in-between their duties (61%), (iv) are allowed to work in their areas of specialization (100%), (v) have conducive working environment (93%), (iv) have job security (71%), (vii) have no deadlines on job delivery (89%),(viii) receive in-service training to keep them abreast of new trends on their jobs (86%), and (ix) are granted leaves. In view of the foregoing, the study recommends that employers should assign employees responsibilities in their areas of specialization. They should also organize periodic seminars to keep workers abreast with the current trends in global banking system.
Keywords: Banking, Coping strategies, Stress management, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Determinants of Stunting in Children 6-24 Months in District of Timor Tengah Selatan, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province
Suriana Koro, Veni Hadju, Suryani As’ad and Burhanuddin Bahar
Background: Nutritional problems in infants is still a public health problem when the prevalence of stunting > ;20 (UNHCR, 2011). Generally, The prevalence of stunting in the world are also included in the public health problem because it is still at 26% (WHO, 2012). Nationally, the prevalence of stunting in children under five in Indonesia is 37.2%. This means that the problem of malnutrition in Indonesia is still a serious public health problem while the proportion of stunting children 48.2% in Nusa Tenggara Timur, including critical public health problem (Riskesda, 2013).
Objective:,This study aimed to determine of stunting children aged 6-24 months in Timor Tengah Selatan Nusa Tenggara Timur Province
Methods: This was an observational study with cross-sectional design. The experiment was conducted in 9 sub-district of Timur Tengah Selatan. Children under two years food consumption data obtained through consumption recall, while other data obtained through questionnaires by enumerators. Analysis of nutrients in food using a food processor 2 (FP2). The statistical test used was chi-square and logistic regresion.
Results: The total of respondents was 1116 children, who stunting as 703 children (63.0%) and severe stunting as many 413 children (37.0%), mostly men as much as 599 children (53.7%), for ages 12-24 months as many as 802 children (71.9%), where the results of a significant chi-square test p <0.05. Education of mother and father respectively in 548 people (49.1%) and 788 persons (70.6%) had not completed primary education and junior high school with the majority worked as farmers, included mothers (81,0%) and fathers (68.3% ), most of the social economy is relatively low (79,5%). Height of mothers were statistically significant (p = 0.000) as well as with parity and birth spacing obtained chi-square test results were statistically significant p <0.005, while exclusive breastfeeding only 596 people (17.1%) did not reach the nutritional needs dieatery Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), <80% RDA, energy intake (90.5%), protein (82,9%), fat (98.1%) and Carbohydrate (82.1%). A history of diarrhea (18.6%), fever (30.9%), congested of (2.6%), cough (30.9%) and runny nose (29.9%) and the chi-square test results only fever significant with p = 0.016. Results of regression logictic, sex and the height of mother significantly associated with nutritional status of stunting children.
Conclusion: Determinants of stunting is the child's age, sex, mother’s education, mother’s occupation, maternal height, and a history of fever.
Keyword: Stunting, children aged 6 -24 months
Growth Trajectory and Job Creation in Nigeria: Does Structural Break Matter?
Michael Kayode BOLARINWA and Taofik Mohammed IBRAHIM
Over the years, the fluctuation in employment rate and growth rate of real GDP have remain on the centre stage. While a strand of the literature argued that growth determinants are the causes of this fluctuation, others believed that regime shift and policy inconsistency are plausible reasons for this fluctuation. This study contributes to this heated discourse by examining the relationship between unemployment rate and real GDP in Nigeria using Zivot Andrew (Z-A) unit root test and Gregory-Hansen (G-H) co-integration test that account for possible structural break. The Zivot-Andrew unit root result revealed three breaks in the three different tests conducted (2007, 2005 and 2003) while for the real GDP, three different break points were also selected (2002, 2003 and 1999). These breaks coincide with the period when the national employment policies was enacted. The empirical result of (G-H) cointegration test shows that there is a long-run relationship between unemployment rate and real GDP with 2003 observed as the break point. This suggest that regime shift and policy inconsistency has over the year created fluctuation in real GDP and employment rate in Nigeria.
Keywords: GDP Growth, Unemployment rate, Okun’s Law, Structural-break, Nigeria.
Stock Markets and the Predictability of the Economy: The Nigerian Experience
Okey O. Ovat
The paper examines empirically whether or not the Nigerian Stock Market has the predictive power of the Nigerian economy. A survey of the literature indicates a lack of agreement on the issue of predictability of the economy by Stock Markets. Adopting the Vector auto regression approach, the paper reveals that while a long-run relationship exists between the stock market and the Nigerian economy, the market lacks the ability to predict economic activity in Nigeria. This perhaps may be due largely to the paucity of quoted securities on the market, which translates to limited investment of the nation’s wealth in the market. The paper therefore suggests that the regulatory authority of the market – the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), should ensure that the operators of the market comply with the rules and regulations governing the market. The authority should also strive hard to curb the existence of excess volatility, check the existence and disclosure of insider trading and ensure absolute transparency in the market. If this is done, the paper hopes that investors’ interest in the market would be promoted and their confidence would equally be enhanced, thus stimulating more investment in the market and repositioning it as a good predictor of the economy.
Keyword: Stock market, predictability, Nigerian economy, vector - auto regression, long-run relationship.
Jel Classification: G00, G10, G15 and G17
Polygamy in the Culture of Hubulak Ethnic Group in Papua Inland-Indonesia
Enos H. Rumansara
The article taken from the ethnographic study in Hubulak Ethnic, which gives a picture on one side about the polygamous marriage in the culture of Hubulak Ethnic, is a strategy in their culture to build a social network into a social power (social capital) in self-defense as an ApKhain (Big-Man). A technique in taking the data in this article is the interview technique, observation, and literature with EMIC approach and qualitative analysis. From the data obtained, it was found that a leader called ApKhain (Big-Man) must have a characteristic to defend, protect, and help the community members who are straitened. Related to that, a leader must have the ability to fight, to speech, and the capability in economic side (own wealth) to protect and help the members of the community that he leads. The interesting finding is that the polygamy is one strategy to build the social network in order to create the social capital and to own the wealth of pigs and gardens that can be used to help and protect those who need. Through the social power, the wealth of cattle and a large garden, he can protect those under threat and help the community members who are straitened so he remains a leader called ApKhain (Big-Man).
Keywords: Polygamy, Culture and Leader (Big-Man)