European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 48 No 2
July, 2015
Does Psychological Stress have Direct Effect on Psychological Well-being among Local Employees in Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones?
Ahmed Al Rousan and Zainal Ariffin Bin Ahmad
Stress due to working conditions raises the issue of employer and employee relationship and the dwindling numbers of local employeesin the Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ). When faced these hard working conditions, employees may experience lower psychological well-being as they are not satisfied with their work and organization. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate whether psychological stress negatively affects psychological well-being in the QIZ. A survey was conducted and 494 usable questionnaires received from Jordanian local employees in the QIZ. The findings show that there was a negative effect of psychological stress on psychological well-being. Several recommendations were suggested for textile employers to alleviate the psychological stress faced by the local employees in the QIZ.
Keyword: Quality of Work Life, Psychological Well-being, Psychological Stress, in Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones.
An Investigation into Motivating Factors among Iranian Learners Prior to and After the Practice of Autonomy: A Case of ESP Medical University Students
Seyyed Ali Hosseini, Sara Kashefian-Naeeini and Sanaz Mojarrad
Practicing, promoting, and developing autonomy and autonomous learning are hotly debated issues in the field of second and foreign language learning. It is assumed that autonomy and autonomous learning increase the level of the language learners’ motivation and are both the cause and result of motivation. To the End, the researchers interviewed 5 male and female students, decoded their responses using the assays of grounded theory approach, created a 20 item five point Likert-scale questionnaire and distributed it among 102 nursing students prior to and after the practice of autonomy in the classroom. The findings obtained from descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and two-way within-between subjects ANOVAs shed light on the fact that the practice of autonomy increased the level of the learners’ motivation. However, it did not change the learners’ opinion about the factors they considered motivating much. Moreover, ‘Learning facilities, success, and quality of teaching material’ and ‘Teacher characteristics and lesson structure’ were identified as motivating factor before the practice of autonomy and ‘Teaching equipment, course expectations, and teacher related factors’ and ‘Influence of friends and ease or difficulty of learning material’ as motivating factors after the practice of autonomy.
Keywords: Autonomy, Motivation, EFL, ESP, Iranian University Students
Les Facteurs-clés de Succès des Messages Publicitaires Adressés aux Jeunes: Cas de la Société Libanaise
Cendrella ABOU FAYAD and Antoine TANNOUS
La culture et la sous-culture influence le comportement des jeunes envers la publicité car ils constituent un des environnements dans lequel il vit. Cet environnement évolue avec le temps et l’espace. La publicité doit refléter le style de vie, les profiles et les valeurs des citoyens. Ainsi l’historique du positionnement d’une marque, s’adapte à la culture populaire du pays. Ainsi, il faut la prise en considération de trois variables pour obtenir une communication efficace, ces trois variables étant: l’attitude culturelle, la perception du client (qui dépend de l’image de la marque) et l’expérience directe du consommateur avec le produit. De ce fait la perception du client est formée d’abord grâce à la publicité.
Keywords: publicité, publicité international, culture, sous-culture, adaptation, standardisation.
A Comparative Study of the Administrative Personnel Salary Structurein Some Selected Universities, Southwest Nigeria: Sociological and PsychologicalImplications
Dare Ojo, Omonijo, Folakemi, Ohunakin, Michael Chibuzor, Anyaegbunam, Bernard Chukwukelue, Chine and UchechukwuEmene, Okorie
This studycomparedthe salary structure of the administrative personnel in some selected Federal, State andPrivate universities, southwest Nigeria with the aim of finding the average. The study employed qualitative data retrieved from archival documents. Analysis of research questions showed a disparity in the average salary structure of the administrative personnel between the public and the private universities. Finally, the study discussed the Sociological and Psychological implications of the discovered disparity on the administrative personnel.
Keywords: Comparative, salary structure, public, private, universities, Sociological and Psychological implications.
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on the Reducing of the Interpersonal Sensitivity and Hostility in Cancer Patients
Samira Alikhani, Pir Hossien Kolivand, Mahboubeh Dadfar and Leila Zarif Sadat Hosseini Oromieh
Cancer is the most common of causes of death in the world. In recent decades the incidence of cancer has been grown in most countries. Little effort has been made to primary prevention programs of the disease. Studies have shown if cancer soon be detected in its earliest stages, it can easily be treated. Psychological cares for cancer patients, as one aspect of clinical care with high quality, has been ignored. This study evaluated the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on the reducing of the Interpersonal Sensitivity and Hostility in cancer patients. In a semi-experimental study by convenience sampling, among patients with cancer who were admitted to the Khatom-Ol-Anbia General Hospital in Tehran city for chemotherapy, 60 patients who met the inclusion criteria were selected purposefully and were placed randomly to two groups (including an experimental group and a control group). All participants completed two dimensions of The Symptom Checklist- 90- Revised (SCL-90-R) (The Interpersonal Sensitivity and the Hostility) in the pre-test and post-test. Data were analyzed using T-test, and SPSS18 was used. Cognitive-behavioral therapy reduced the Interpersonal Sensitivity and Hostility among patients of experimental group. Study limitations and future research directions are discussed.
Keywords: Cancer, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Hostility, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
An Investigative Assessment of Mental Health as related to Domestic Violence between Victimized and Non-victimized Women in District Gujrat, Pakistan
Sameera Shafiq and Farhat Jabeen
The present study has examined the relationship between domestic violence and depression, anxiety and stress among women purposively selected (from urban and rural areas of Gujrat) and screened out into two groups of domestic violence: (1) victimized (150) and (2) non-victimized (150), with the help of an Urdu translated version of HITS (Sherin, Sinacore, Li, Zitter, & Shakil, 2006). Urdu version developed by bilingual translation method of Partner Abuse Scale: Physical and Non-physical (Hudson, 1997) was used to measure intimate violence among spouses. Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (Lovibond & Lovibond, 1995; Urdu version) was used to assess mental health of the women either abused or not victimized by their husbands. The results showed that there was a positive correlation between domestic violence and depression, anxiety and stress among victimized women. However, the level of depression, anxiety and stress was relatively significantly high among victimized women as compared to non-victimized women. The implications of the present study are discussed in the light of the findings of socio-demographic variables.
Keywords: domestic violence, depression, anxiety, stress, gender based violence, mental health assessment, spousal abuse, victimized and non-victimized women.
Influence of Selected Demographic Variables on Entrepreneurship Intentions of Tertiary Institution Electronic Technology Education Students
Ogbuanya, Theresa Chinyere and Ohanu, Ifeanyi Benedict
The major purpose of the study was to determine the influence of selected demographic variables on entrepreneurship intentions of tertiary institution electronic technology education studentsbase on descriptive survey research design. Some demographic variables like gender, age, parents occupational status and location were studied to determine their influences on entrepreneurship intentions of electronic technology students. Data for the study were collected using questionnaire which was validated and trial tested with a reliability coefficient of 0.82 using Cronbach Alpha reliability. The data collected were analysed using t-tests. The null hypotheses were tested using t-test for independent sample and analysis of variance. It was found that most female students believe that setting up electronic enterprise business is meant for males due to the nature of their society. It was concluded that students with entrepreneurship intentions should be encouraged financially to set up their business venture.
Keyword: Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Intention; Demographic Variable; Electronic Technology education; Technical education.
Effetsd’un Alimentà Basede Fourrage ou Dumélange de Granulés-Fourragesur la Croissance des Lapereaux dans une Ferme Cunicole de Bingerville (Côte D’ivoire)
Ouakoubo Gaston GNABRO
L’essai-expérimental effectué sur la ferme avicole de Bingerville a porté sur dix-huit (18) lapereaux répartis en trois lots notés lot 1, lot 2 et lot 3. L’aliment industriel FACI a été donné uniquement aux animaux du lot 1; ceux du lot 2 ont reçu un aliment composé de 50% de végétaux et 50% d’aliment industriel. Et les lapereaux du lot 3 ont obtenu 100% de végétaux. Le poids moyen (PM) obtenu pour chaque lot a été respectivement de: Lot 1 :1 388 kg ;lot 2: 1 131 kg et lot 3, 0, 575 kg. Les GMQ des lapereaux du lot 1 sont supérieurs à ceux des animaux du lot 2 et ces derniers sont supérieurs à ceux des lapereaux du lot 3 qui sontde0, 575 kg. D’où,GMQ lot 1 > GMQ lot 2 > GMQ lot 3. Les indices de consommation hebdomadaires (ICH) du lot 1 sont bons; ceux du lot 2 acceptables et ceux du lot 3 inacceptables. L’indice de consommation moyenne (ICM) des lapereaux qui ont consommé du fourrage uniquement est supérieur à ceux qui ont consommé: "granulés et granulés-fourrage".
Keyword: Granulés, fourrage, poids moyen, gain moyen quotidien, indice de consommation, Bingerville
Turkish Foreign Policy and Conflict in Turkey-Iraq-Syria Triangle in the 1990-2014
Süha Atatüre
This article dwells on three main points. First, it claims that events taking place in Iraq and Syria between 1990-2003 and 2011-2014 were not unexpected developments and Turkey’s inability to accurately assess them in time can be called diplomatic short-sightedness. The Gulf War and Iraq War, the 2005 Iraqi Constitution and the Arab Spring were the factors clearly heralding it. Second, it claims that the thesis of "Turkey becoming a regional power in the Middle East" and Turkish government’s adoption of a global role together with regional power status, expressed especially by the United States officials on every platform from 2008 onwards is both invalid and false. This article provides a comparative explanation of why Turkey is not a regional power. The article also claims that the Justice and Development governments – JDT or AKP governments - could not realize that they were under a civilian or Cemaat tutelage when they were trying to break the military as part of the civilian-military relationship. The main goal of this article is to explain the reasons behind the loss of reputation of Turkish foreign policy since 2008 as well as the dead-ends it has encountered in domestic politics since 2013.
Keyword: Iraq War, Regional Power, Syrian Civil War, the TFP
Honour-Murderers in Southwest of Iran: A Critical and Evidential Vision
Abdolrahim Asadollahi, Laleh Fani Saberi and Parvin Rezaie
The study analyzes the socio-familial background of 45 male honour-murderers at Ahwaz prisons-Iran in mid-2015. The honour-murder as a dysfunction of cultural subsystem of Arabs which is in conflict with social subsystem of authorized Persian norms was evaluated via Talcott Parsons’ four subsystems theory (AGIL) and the interaction-conflict within them. The results assert new findings e.g. significant relation of formal education and employment to other variables; honour killings happened mostly in winter, using cold weapons and in western and southern regions of Khuzistan province; murderers surrendered voluntarily to the police and did not at all regret their crimes. Finally, suggestion is being made that with the integration of Iranian Arabs into the mainstream Persian culture and reinforcement of education and employment variables as positive functions of social subsystem’s more modern Persian norms, one could reduce the dominance of cultural subsystem of traditional values among the Arab Iranians.
Keyword: Honour Murderers, Judicial Issues, Female Victims, Male Inmates, Iran