European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 47 No 2
April, 2015
Development of Teaching Materials Drawing Machine Model-Based Learning Task-Based Learning
C R Prihantoro
Learning task-based drawing engine has great potential to provide a learning experience more interesting and meaningful for students. In this learning process students are expected to make a decision framework, designed a process to achieve results, and the student is responsible for obtaining and managing information gathered and regularly look back at what they do so that the final result of the product can be evaluated quality.
Currently implemented curriculum refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It has an impact on the planning lecturer because the curriculum is a guide and lecturer guides in planning, implementation, and assessment of learning. It is to impact the instructional materials drawing machine which refers to the curriculum.
Teaching materials are all forms of material used to assist faculty in conducting teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Why in college, faculties need to develop teaching materials? Because lecturer must possess or use teaching materials in accordance with the curriculum, the characteristics of the target, and the demands of learning problem solving.
Keywords: Teaching materials Task-Based Learning, Drawing Machine, Curriculum NQF
Establishment a Computerized Treatment Program to Improve Visual Communication for Children who are Suffered from Mental Disabilities "Autism
Mohannad Shboul
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of computerized treatment program to improve the visual communication skills in children's mental disorder "Autistic" .It aimed to develop a computerized intervention program to enhance the vision connection for the children with autism. The study sample was limited on autistic children from age (3-9 years) enrolled in continuing Autism Center in Irbid Governorate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .The researcher used the computer's camera to hotograph track the movement of an eye on the computerized program The researcher recorded every session to every child with video camera to observe the development of child in pretest in program and post stage from the application. The results of the current study showed an improvement for the child in the visual communication skills in all activities used in the intervention program. All the information indicate that child's acquired from the program enhance himself-confidence, achieving a big successes to the extent that his performance became asymmetry to his peers who are not autistics at same age. The results of the study indicates to achieve the program aims at percentage (78.33%).
Keywords: Autism- computerized treatment program, visual communication skills.
Investigating the Effect of Word of Mouth Marketing on Brand Loyalty and Customer Repurchasing Intention Case Study: Khorramabad Refah Retail Store
Mahin Ghani and Mohammad Sharafimoghadam
Nowadays, word of mouth marketing has a vital importance for marketing experts to the extent that some of them believe it to be one of the most efficient ways of marketing. Given the importance of this issue and the role that advertisement plays in the modern marketing, it seems that it must be managed appropriately and that wise steps must be taken to make the most of its benefits. In this old way of marketing presented in a new form, producers send their new products to different people and ask them to share their opinions of those products with their families, friends, and even strange people. In this regard, the present paper which is the result of a field study investigates the effects of word of mouth marketing on the customer brand loyalty. This paper tests a model in the field of brand and has six hypotheses. The research community is consisted of the customers of Khorramabad Refah Retail Store. Results of this study show that word of mouth marketing has a direct effect on the customer brand loyalty.
Keywords: Word of Mouth Advertising, Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Repurchase
Civil Service Recruitmentin Lampung Province, Indonesia
Chairun Nasirin, Dedy Hermawan and Dian Kagungan
Based on qualitative research in Pringsewu District and PesisirBarat District, Lampung Province, Indonesia, this paper investigates the influences of innovation and public participation in civil service recruitment. We find that Computer Assisted Test (CAT) facilitates the systematic storage, updating and retrieval of pertinent examinee data as well as checking and scoring of examinee answers to test questions from computerized software. It is also able to generate reports of ratings and statistics of pass and fail test scores. The CAT has increasing objectivity and transparency in examination phase of civil service recruitment. However, non-CAT system has influenced by politic of patronage between political elite in local level. Government also promoting various government agency to engage and controlling the whole process of civil services recruitment such as State Development Audit Agency, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, State Intelligence Agencies, Corruption Eradication Commission, Indonesian National Police, State Ministry for State Apparatus Reform.Government also opening up more participation rooms for non-governmental organization to controlling civil service recruitment. We conclude thatthere is ambiguity in government policy on civil servant recruitment.
Keywords: participation, civil services, recruitment, Lampung, Indonesia
JEL Classification:D73, H70, J20
Citizenship and Gender Equality between Theory and Practice in Bahrain: Comparative Perspectives
Rania F. Al-Rabadi
This article presents key findings of basic research in Bahrain via a comparative perspective of active citizenship and gender equality. Also, it discusses the definition of citizenship and whether it is a liberal one. The article will zoom within the pre-existing inequality in the family code in Bahrain. It will discuss a significant issue in Bahrain, for there is a Sunni-Shi’ite division which Jordan does not have. This is relevant to citizenship and gender equality for how they debate family codes as regarded to women’s rights in the legislative authority. In this aspect, Bahrain is different from Jordan. The political participation - narrowly defined - will be analysed as women constitutional rights, and whether this right is really exercised in Jordan and Bahrain remains arguable. Other important issue is the implication of the international agreement CEDAW which is concerned with women human rights, and its role with regards to legal equality and equal opportunities.
Keywords: Gender Equality, Citizenship, Family law, Sunni Shi’ite Split, Political Participation, CEDAW
The Effect of using a Strategy Based on Brain Compatible Learning Theory in the Development of Numerical Sense Skills of the Basic Education Students in Oman
Abdelkader Mohamed Elsayed
The aim of this study was to investigate effectiveness of a Strategy based on Brain Compatible Learning Theory in the development of Numerical Sense skills of the Basic education Students in Oman. The sample consisted of (70) fifth grade students from Al- Murooj, and Khalid bin Al-Walled schools in Salalah city (Oman). The students were randomly divided into two groups (each group of 35 Students) according to the experimental design (pre and post-test design for both groups: experimental group and control group). Data were collected via the test of the numerical sense skills for the sample in the units of the natural numbers and the equations. The study was conducted in 8 weeks in a class that met four times a week. Data analyses were carried out using means, standard divisions, and T test. The study showed that there was a significant difference at (0.01) between the mean grades of the experimental group and the control group in the post application of the test of numerical sense skills in favor of the experimental group, and there was no statistically significant difference at (0.01) in the numerical sense skills of the basic education students in the sample attributed to the gender of the students. In the light of the findings, the study recommended building the mathematics curriculum at basic education in the light of the brain compatible learning theory, and training the teachers to teach the mathematics using this theory.
Keywords: Teaching Strategy, Brain Compatible Learning Theory, Numerical Sense Skills, Teaching Mathematics.
CSR, Partnership and Poverty Alleviation: Case Study in Lampung Province, Sumatera, Indonesia
Yulianto, Unang Mulkhan, Baroroh Lestari and Maulana Agung
This paper examines the importance of CSR partnership for poverty alleviation. Poverty is an important issue not only for governments but also for other stakeholders. However, government cannot resolve it itself. Government need others actor to help them. Private corporations has important role in poverty alleviation issue. To be effective, government and private corporations must cooperate to attack poverty directly. In this article, we explore how does local government and private corporations collaborates each other to reducing poverty. We choose Province of Lampung because of she has many poor people and has been formulated local policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnership. We find that corporation considers stakeholder issues in obtaining stakeholder engagement in their CSR activities. The government plays significant roles in facilitating stakeholders’ partnership for CSR programs. Finally, partnership can give a positive impact for poverty alleviation. Partnership can be an effective long-term strategy for poverty alleviation in Lampung province.
Keyword: CSR, partnership, government, Lampung, Indonesia
JEL Classification: C10, M14, N55
Alumni's Evaluation for the Mathematical Courses
Fadhil Thaeer Hadi and Irtefaa A. N.
In this paper, we study the effects of the courses in the previous plan. For these reasons set up a study to evaluate the courses in order to support the mission of the department of Mathematics that have a close relationship with the commensurate with the labor market, which the student begins to exercise his speciality in which after graduation.
We present and discuss the results of research on alumni evaluation of Mathematical courses. The initial goal of the study was to construct a view about the courses that allows students to share their experience and use the courses in their jobs after the graduation. Consequently, and make sure that you actually graduate students who conform to the requirements of the labor market. After the analysis of data of Questionnaire that is consisting of (14 questions). The highest proportion was (29%) for the (MATLAB) while the less proportion was (2%) for the (Democracy).That is mean, the alumni have a less benefit from this course.
The other proportions was differences with respect to the questions. After then, we study the correlation confection between the choices of students and their suggestions in the questionnaire form. The result is equal to (r= 0.6). That is mean there is high positive correlation between the student’s suggestions and their choices.
Keyword: Evaluation, Statistical Methods, Mathematical Courses and Correlation

The Ability of Reading Comprehension of French Literary Texts with Contextual Approach
N Lustyantie
The ability of reading comprehension of French literary texts is reflected in students’ behavior in speaking, whether oral or written. One of the factors that influence such behavior is the approach to the teaching system, syntax, and semantics, as well as cultural aspects with regard to the use of language in the context of literature. Comprehension of literary text is a process that has a systematic level in order to understand the comprehensive information of a literary work, both in terms of linguistic information and its linguistic connection extra.
Students often have difficulty in understanding literary texts in French for they do not have basic knowledge about the source language, the subject of the text, and the background of the writing of the text. Without their knowledge of the cultural, social, political, and historical aspects, it will cause lameness in the acquisition of understanding, because the students won't be able to dig up a story from the literary text implicitly so that the contextual approach in this study is an approach that can improve the ability of reading comprehension of French literary text.
Keyword: reading comprehension, France literary texts, contextual approach