European Journal of Social Sciences

†Volume 46 No 1
January, 2015
Musicís Effects on Vocabulary Acquisition in Iranís High Schools
Atefeh Yousefi, Razieh Rabbani Yekta and Hamid Farahmandian
In recent studies, vocabulary acquisition has received a high premium as it plays an important role in second language acquisition .Yet in the midst of increasing satisfaction with the fieldís maturity, a number of rather fundamental questions remained unanswered. One of the most important questions concerned the effect of music on second language vocabulary acquisition .The aim of this study is to a) investigate the effect of music on second language vocabulary acquisition; b) investigate the effect of music on long term retention of vocabulary.
For this purpose sixty girl students of a junior high school were randomly selected and assigned to two groups of thirty .The first group (experimental group) was the music group, the second (control group was the no music group .The effect of treatment on vocabulary acquisition was assessed immediately after the treatment .The research hypotheses was: 1) music has no effect on vocabulary acquisition of students in junior high school in Iran 2) music has no effect on long term retention of vocabulary .The analysis of the collected data through applying t-test revealed that there was a significant differences between the two groups. The music group outperformed the no-music group both in short and long term retention. The results show that music has positive effect on vocabulary acquisition. Therefore the null hypotheses was rejected.
Keywords: acquisition, music, vocabulary, t-test, second language
The Modelling of Online Community Relationship Management on the Formation of Customer Attitude in Broadband Cellular Telecommunication Industry of Indonesia
Al. Agus Kristiadi, Hartoyo, Eva Z. Yusuf and Dadang Sukandar
The growth of Mobile Internet broadband services has changed the paradigm of mobile phone consumers from information oriented toward social and communication oriented. This change makes customer as part of the digital society. Along with this changes and the requirement for the company to win the competition, mobile telecommunication providers have to develop a business model of online community as a 'stage' that is easily accessible to all interested customers to this facility. In the concept of Service Dominant Logic, the company has no longer as a full control of value creation, but it has to involve the customer in the process of value co-creation. The purpose of this research is to build a model of online community relationship management in broadband mobile telecommunication industry, analyzing that the online community will influence on the creation of customer's attitude toward the brand and corporate image and analyzing the successful determinants of online community that is held and managed by companies. The research develops a model from the model of attributes and benefits of online community, model Online Community Experience, model of The Co-Creation of Value Exploring Engagement Behaviours in User Generated Content Websites and model of Consumer Engagement. The study is using sample of broadband community from the largest mobile telecommunication provider in Indonesia. The analysis tools are Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). From this research, we will know the model of the impact of online community to the customer attitudes as an Online Community Relationship Management in broadband mobile telecommunication industry in Indonesia.
Keywords: Customer Engagement, Online Community Relationship Management, Service Dominant Logic, Customer's Attitude, Value Co-creation
Customer Perceptions of Service Quality While Interacting with Service Personnel in One of the Cellular Phone Provider
Javed Iqbal
The purpose of the paper was to examine thedeterminants of service quality in one of the cellularphone sector organizations. The data were collected through a survey of more than three hundred informants on convenience basis. The respondents were thosecustomerswho approached the customer service centers of the organization for various issues about their cellular services. Although some of such were resolved on phone but many could not. Therefore, customers had to visit these centers sometimes known as franchise centers to resolve their problems. It was found that customers were happy as a whole with minor pockets of dissatisfaction. For instance, the customers wait for a reasonable amount of time to receive the services.It suggested that the service quality mechanism wassatisfactory; however, some area (s) needed improvement to make it more efficient. The outcome can be used by other similar organizations in the industry. In addition, the findings confirmed the previous studies conducted about the topic in the country.
Keywords: survey, customer perception, service quality, ZONG, SERVQUAL
The State Responsibility in Human Rights Fulfillment of Human Trafficking victims
Any Suryani H, SH., M. Hum
This work is aimed at exploring and formulating the strategy in strengthening the statesí responsibility to the victims of human trafficking in order to maintain the human dignity. It is required for protecting many victims of human trafficking that may threat human dignity. Even though, normatively, Indonesian government has been bound by the Palermo protocol for protecting people from human trafficking. In addition, Indonesia has a series legislative product, such Law No21/2007 concerning Prevention of Human Trafficking Crime, Law No. 23/2002 concerning Child Protection; Law No. 87/2005 concerning Convention on Elimination of Discrimination and Women Abuse, and so forth. Most of the weaknesses of the above regulations are rooted at the absence of the protection for the victim. Those regulation on provide protection and detail regulation for the actor of the human trafficking, not the victims. Therefore, in order to visualize the detail and systematic approaches in strengthening the states responsibility, this work will be focused on the elaboration of the legal systems theory which emphasizes the importance of reforming the substance of norms or laws, legal structure as well as legal awareness of society.
Keywords: Stateís Responsibility, Human Trafficking, and Human Dignity.
Tourism Marketing Renovation in the Shadow of Dynamic Technology
Bashar Maaiah and Mousa Masadeh
The main objectives of the current study are to examine the tourism product in terms of its nature, its production and its properties and identify the needs and the desires of customers. This will be done in order to enable proper analysis of the production and the consumption processes of tourism in the shadow of the dynamic environment that currently exists. This will help to identify ways and resources that can be used in creating new tourism products that enable tourism marketers to market the customer himself by the provision of tourism demand and supply including all relevant components (customer's needs and wants, their desires, their final judgments on the product, etc.), without reference to the customer himself.
Keywords: tourism product, tourism marketing, renovation, customer marketing, tourism distribution
Factors Affecting the Intention to Use Payment Gateway Service in Korea
Hyung Seok Lee and Jae Young Kim
The emergence of e-commerce enabled through Internet media has increased the availability of electronic payment systems. In the e-payment process, payment gateway (PG) service can address individual contracts that provide a variety of payment methods involving banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions. As a result, PG service has become one of the most important issues for the success of business and financial services. Thus, this study examines the factors influencing intention to use of PG service in the context of e-commerce. Data were collected from a sample of 107 e-commerce managers in Korea, and the results indicate the following factors as playing crucial roles in selecting PG service: their security, technical reliability, cost, and perceived reputation.
Keywords: Payment Gateway, E-payment, E-commerce, Financial Service
Examining the Relationship between Tax Avoidance and Tax Uncertainty in Companies Accepted in Tehranís Stock Exchange
Asghar Asadi, Mehdi Noori and Mohsen Khajuee
One of the most essential issues regarding the condition and the efficient execution of tax policies is to identify tax avoidance methods and the approaches to tax avoidance prevention. Tax avoidance phenomenon is accompanied with economical and social consequences and mutual effects.In this research, Tax uncertainty has been tested as the variable affecting tax avoidance. We used systematic method for homogeneity of population. For approve the hypothesis we used the Kolmogrov-Smirnov test. The results shows that as tax uncertainty increases tax avoidance increases ,also this results approved in companies with high reserves.
Keywords: Tax avoidance, Tax uncertainty, Tax reserves, R&D; reserve.
Gender Dynamics and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Adoption in India
Dindayal Swain
This paper will focus on the influence of socio cultural factors on the adoption of entrepreneurship looking from gender i.e.; men and women perspective in India. To achieve this objective the author has adopted a socio cultural approach. The researcher has taken logit model. The major contribution of this paper stays in the fact that influences women entrepreneurship, which is different, those of menís. The result shows the importance of entrepreneurial self confidence, as a common factor for both men and women entrepreneurial activity. The major outcome indicates that the presence of entrepreneurial role models is an important informal institutional factor explaining the difference between women and menís entrepreneurial operations.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Gender, Socio cultural, self confidence.
Adaptation of Female Housing Students with the Tafila Technical University Life
Etaf M. AL-Kfaween
The aim of this study is to show the relationship between the Adaptation of female housing students with university and relationship to some variables .A random sample of study has been selected consisted of (199) females students in the university housing. And use the measure of adaptation to university where the results there indicate that female have a medium level of adaptation to university. And the superiority female from the city and the Village was higher than female from the desert.
Keyword: adaptation to university, female, place Home, Educational level, achievement level