European Journal of Social Sciences

 Volume 43 No 2
May, 2014
The Factors Influencing Changes of Ideo-Symbolic Sculpture Style of Sima and Vihara in Luang Prabang
Supasana Sangsurin
The study of the factors influencing changes of ideo-symbolic sculpture style decorated on Sima and Vihara in Luang Prabang was conducted by studying the basic information of temples, Simas and Viharas, and the restoration. The target group of 16 Sima and Vihara was studied with the research objectives. The study results found were that the styles acllaised into the following periods; 1) Lan Xang-Luang Prabang Kingdom from 1353- 1778, 2) Under the Siamese Dominance from 1779 - 1893, 3) Under the French Colonization from 1894 - 1954 and 4) Lao Kingdom and Lao People’s Democratic Republic from 1955 – 1994. The factors influencing changes are included 1)the history, consisting of politics and monarchy, and dominion, 2) Society and Culture, consisting of The social and cultural status of Luang Prabang and Religion, Belief and Tradition, and 3) Art Influence from Other Cultures, consisting of art influence from other cultures, education and restoration.
Keywords: Sima, Vihara, Luang Prabang, Laos.
Volatility Transmission between Stock Markets, from Dot-Com Crisis to Global Financial Crisis: A Multivariate Garch Approach
Vítor Gabriel and José Pires Manso
This paper investigates the impact of the global financial crisis on the volatility transmission across world´s stock markets. With this objective, twelve European and non-European markets were selected, representing over 62% of the global capitalization, and the period from 4th October 1999 to 30th June 2011 was chosen. To investigate the volatility transmission process, the multivariate GARCH VECH is considered, in order to identify the direction and the magnitude of volatility spillover and see whether the global financial crisis led to changes at that level. The results showed that the own-volatility shocks and the cross-volatility shock effects were more pronounced in bear markets sub-periods. Moreover, the own and cross-volatility shocks showed a significant increase during the global financial crisis, putting markets at higher exposure to lagged market events.
Keywords: Global financial crisis, international stock markets, spillover effects, multivariate GARCH.
JEL Classification Codes:C32, C58, G15
History of the Phinphat Luang Prabang Ensemble
Thanawat Bootthongtim
The results indicated that history of The Phinphat Luang Phabang Ensemble. The first era ranged from B.E. 1330-2250: Luang Phabang Era. Fa Ngum had brought art and cultural from Khmer. The first era was the origin of the Phinphat Luang Phabang Ensemble pattern, and then a lot of improvements were managed such as applying a Kaen instrument into the ensemble, applying dignity system for musician.Started in B.E. 2529: the new imagination era. The government had agreed to open its borders; therefore, rules and obligations deregulated. Art and cultural of many fields were revived. In terms of music, rhythms were harmonized while each instrument had different role. However, the current technique was changed in terms of size of the ensemble into smaller sizes. Other kinds of instrument which contributed similar sounds were replaced the missing sounds. In terms of songs, there were Sep Noi, Sep Yai and Sacred songs. In B.E. 2538, Luang Phabang was elected to be one of the world heritages, art and cultural organizations were established such as Phra Lak Phra Lam Theater, Luang Prabang Department of Information and Culture. The organizations were to revive art and culture; however, the concept of development was mainly appointed by the government.
Keywords: Phinphat Luang Phabang, Laos classical music
Opinions of Families with Pre-School Period Children Toward Computer Games
Sengül Ilgar and Nihat Topaç
In today’s world where technology is advancing rapidly and inevitably surrounding the people, its importance related to preschool period is undeniable. Numerous studies have revealed that children spend quite a lot of their time with computers, particularly computer games. The purpose of this study is to research general attitude and opinions of families with preschool kids on computer games. This is a qualitative research that examines the opinions of families with preschool kids toward computer games. Sample of the study are 11 fathers and mothers living in Istanbul with preschool kids. Semi-structured interview has been developed by researchers and used as a means of data collection. In interview analysis, descriptive analysis technique has been used that complies with qualitative data analysis. Findings of the research reveal that parents find the time spent with computer games appropriate and do not experience crisis or problems in abandoning the game. The most commonly played game type was shoot the target games while brain teasers and line/drawing games were the least preferred types. We have observed that parents try to intervene by talking and banning and also in case of insistence they draw the child’s attention somewhere else.
Keywords: Preschool education, Computer games, Family
Social Impact from the Activities of Illegal Artisanal Mining: Studies in Sumbawa
Salim HS , Idrus Abdullah and Muhammad Sood
The purpose of this study is for the knowing of (1) the social impact of the mining activities of the people on social, economic and cultural condition of artisanal miners, (2) the negative impact of the activities of illegal artisanal mining, (3) the potential identifying owned by artisanal miners, and (4) determine the attitudes and views of artisanal miners against efforts should be made to empower them, whether in relation to the mining techniques are good ( good mining practices ) as well as those related to legal empowerment. Research methods, is presented below. This type of research is empirical research. The approach used, namely the sociological law approach. The number of samples studied as many as 100 people. Location research covering are district Lantung, Lape, Lopok, Plampang, and Empang. Technique for field data collection is in-depth interviews with the respondents. Analysis of the data is qualitative. The results of the study are presented below. Social impacts of artisanal mining activities, including (1) increased income artisanal miners, (2) increased children's education of artisanal miners, and (3) increased social relationships of artisanal miners with various ethnic in Indonesia. The negative impact of local mining activities, including (1) the destruction of the environment, (2) contamination of rivers, (3) the occurrence of landslides, (4) destruction of the forest, (5) erosion, (6) the road becomes damaged, (7) accidents, and (8) conflict fellow miners. Potentials will be developed artisanal miners in the future, include (1) agriculture, (2) basic food business, (3) efforts in the field of mining, (4) miner or stone-makers, and (4) work in the field of farm. Empowerment models that desired by artisanal miners are the training of good extractive (good mining practice) and training in the field of mining law.
Keywords: The social impact of artisanal mining
Model of Bumn Privatisation through New Common Stock and Its Implication towards Financial Performance Period 2005-2012
Ibnu Khajar
Megginson, Nash and Randenborgh (1994) confirmed that there had been an improved financial performance on BUMN in Indonesia. The performance of BUMN was influenced by the basic model of privatization (Santoso, 2005). This research was intended to acknowledge and analyze; how was the model of privatization of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Indonesia?; what was the new common stock or divestment?; how was the price of stock of IPO in SOEs in Indonesia?; What were over-value or under-value?; and how was the financial performance (return on sales, return on equity) of SOEs in Indonesia pre-privatization and post-privatization? The research employed paired sample T Tes of statistic analysis. It aimed to seek for the difference of the financial performance pre-privatization and post-privatization. The research showed that (1) All SOEs were privatized by issuing new stock; (2) four privatized SOEs experienced under-value, and the other one had over-value; (3) two SOEs had better financial performance at post-privatization compared to pre-privatization.
Keywords: IPO, privatization, over and undervalue, return on sales and return on equity.
The Relevance of Vocational Education Policy in Semarang, Indonesia
This paper is focused on analysis of the relevance of Vocational Education policy development in the city of Semarang, Indonesia. This research aims to find out the development of vocational education in the city of Semarang, Indonesia whether it will be able to: 1) improve the quality of YOUR CMS, 2) increase the relevance of CMS graduates with market needs and 3) reconstruct the four education policy framework developed by Yin Cheong Cheng Ming Cheung Wing if it is not match with the actual condition of vocational education in Indonesia. The research utilizes qualitative research, the selection of type of informant conducted in purposive, test the validity of the data was tested with triangular method, analysis of the data by the method of comparison, comparing the condition of a phenomenon field with four models of education policy framework Yin Cheong Cheng Ming Cheung Wing and moderate withdrawal conclusion generally use inductive logic. The results showed that the development of the vocational education policy in the city of Semarang was right, because it can improve the quality of vocational education and increase the relevance of vocational education graduates with the market needs.
Keywords: relevance, development, vocational education policy.
Choice of Law in the Settlement of Troubled Bank (Bank Century Case Study)
Zainal Asikin, SH, SU
This study aims to analyze and seek legal basis on bailout of Bank Century which have failed to pay or unable to pay its debts (savings) of its customers, and whether the bailout relief in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia? To examine these issues then the research was conducted by cases approach and normative research methods criticizing Act No. 40 of 2007 in conjunction with Act No.10 of 1998 conjunction with Act No 37 of 2004.The conclusion is government has taken actions that are inconsistent with the principles of banking law and law firm which provides assistance to the bank bailouts that had failed to pay. Bank Century is supposed dissolved or declared bankrupt as conducted to the companies that have trouble paying debts.
Keywords: Choice of Law, Problem Bank
Greeting Terms in Jordanian Arabic: New Classifications
Abdullah A. Jaradat , Wael Zuraiq and Mohammad Ababneh
This paper presents novel classificatory differences between various greeting terms in Jordanian Arabic (JA). The two classifications include marked/unmarked and pure/context-dependent greetings. The paper also reviews the Islamic teachings in this respect, where we can find rich texts that specify the type of the greeting term, the significance of exchanging greetings, the importance of initiating a greeting and responding to a greeting and who should greet who. Furthermore, the paper provides a list of pure greetings terms, return greetings as well as the variants of both. Context-dependent greetings are those that are not pure greetings and can be used as greetings in particular condition. These terms include √al- √a ⌉fj ⌶h ‘on health’ which is used in greeting a person performing some physical task; Gaw ⁄⌶l - ⊗a ⌉nmi ⌉n ‘May Allah strengthen the winners.’ which is used in greeting a large group of people; and hanhum ‘May Allah bless you with your food.’ which is used in greeting people who are dining. Finally, the paper posited the situation under which greetings are dropped clarifying that some situations are predictable and -in some cases- excusable. These situations can be personal due to unfamiliarity or lack of intimate feelings between the potential greeters or institutionalized by the community as in happy or sad events where the initiator – overwhelmed by emotions- drops the greeter to express what is urgent instead.
Keywords: Greeting terms, Jordanian Arabic, marked/unmarked greetings, pure/context-dependent greetings, dropping a greeting.
Legal Protection Rights Society in Local Regulations Spatial Plan in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)
H. Arba, SH and M. Hum
Spatial planning involves the various parties, one of which is public. Then as one of the interested parties, the rights and obligations of society should be organized and well protected. Therefore, this research aims to learn and understand the legal protection of the rights of the people in the Spatial Plan in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This study is a normative legal study, so the approach methods used is statute approach, conceptual approach, comparative approach, and analytical approach. The results of the study after review and analysis showed that both philosophically and juridical (constitutionally) has laid the solid basis on the protection of the people rights in various aspects of development. However, after researched and studied various legislation and regulation Spatial of Province and District / City of NTB has not been set up and protect the rights of the community well, the people rights are still ignored by the government. Therefore, the government must be willing and encouraged to re-evaluate.
Keywords: Rights Protection Society.