European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 36 Issue 1  
December 2012

The League of Arab States: Amid the Ineffectiveness of the Charter and the Lack of Political Will
Omar H. Al Hadrami
Social Marketing Campaign against HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu
V.R. Revathy and I. Arul Aram
ISO 22000 Aproaches to Food Service Systems
Nurten Çekal
The Effect of the Organizational Learning Disciplines on the Performance of the Public Sector: Applied Study at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Jordan (MOPIC)
Kamel A.Al-kharabsheh and Tareq Abuorabi
The Conceptions of Moral Education held by Primary School Teachers in Tanzania
Gabriel K. Nzalayaimisi
The Relationship between Happiness and Academic Achievement from Hae'l University Students, Perspective in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Maha Shahrori
Women's Leadership in Saudi Universities: Required Skills and Current Obstacles
Aljawhara Ibrahim Bubshait
Evaluation of Educational Television Programmes for Engineering Students in Tamil Nadu
Bandita Kumari Panda, T. Shrimathy Venkatalakshmi and I. Arul Aram
Did Nongovernmental Monitoring Improve Working Conditions in the Case of Nike and the Footwear Industry?
Ferdous Ahamed
Gender Inequality and Economic Growth: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Muslim Countries
Muhammad U Faruque
Science Teachers’ Constructing Knowledge and Skills for New Teaching Approach: Case of Khon Kaen Thailand LLEN Project
Chokchai Yuenyong, Jiraporn Tupsai and Pennee Kantavong Narot
Student Performance in Government and Private Schools: Does the Type of Schools Matter?
Piar Chand and Himanshu Sharma
Development and Education Management in College of Music, University of the Philippines
Korarit Nilvanich, Chalermpon Ngamsutti and Manop Wisutipat
Neuroticism, Stress, and Psycho-Physiological Disorders of Migraine, Peptic Ulcer and Hypertension in a Sample of Nigerian Out Patients
Harry Obi-Nwosu and Oluchi Dike
Rural Infrastructural Development as a Correlate of Corporate Social Responsibility of Multinational Oil Corporations in Niger Delta Nigeria
Olufemi Onweazu Okoji