European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 35 Issue 4  
December 2012

King Abdallah II Leads an Economic and Political Reformation in Jordan
Walid Al Shunnaq
Impact of Expanding Oil Revenues on Non-Oil Sectors of the Nigerian Economy
Edun, Adebisi T, Ellyne, Mark J and Obamuyi, Tomola M
The Phenomenon of Arabic-English Code-Switching on Television Programs
Abdel-Rahman Abu-Melhim
The Effects of Fraudulent Financial Reporting on Tax Revenues: An Example of Turkey
Selami Güney
The New Paradigm for Agricultural Co-operative Management in the Northeastern of Thailand
Riangdow Tavachalee, Boonton Dockthaisong Sa-ard Banchirdrit and Boonrueng Sriharun
Distribution Process at KandNs: Case Study of Pakistan Food Company
Asiyagul, Zeb Jan, Saleem Akhtar and Sajjad Akbar
Attitudes of Ninth-Grade Students toward the use of Computers in Teaching Islamic Education Materials
Mamdouh M. Ashraah, Lina Alqasim and Abeer Olimat
Determinants of Customer Perception towards Uzhavar Santhais (Farmers’ Market) in Salem District, Tamil Nadu
Shakeel-Ul-Rehman and M. Selvaraj
An Examination of the Relationship between Life Satisfaction, Personality Traits and Problem Solving during the Young Adulthood Period
Nuray Tastan
Academic Problems Facing Undergraduate Students in Kerak University College in Light Some Variables
Mohammad Abd alrahman Al-Thneibat and Yousef Diab AL-Majali
The Marikana Mine Incidence: An Examination of the Imposing Issues for Labour Relations in South Africa and Nigeria
Akume, Albert. T
Mathematical Values Inculcation Measurement Model Verses Mathematics Teachers’ Length of Service: a Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
Mukhtar Alhaji Liman, Mohd Burhan Ibrahim and Joharry Othman
The Model for Sustainable Economy of Local Community of Handmade Quilt Handicraft in Supanburi Province, Thailand
Thuchapon Yodthong, Ornpapha Chutikorntaweesin Veera Ladnongkun, Nichanan Chanchoengrob and Treenuch Preeprem
A Study on Public Sector Banks - The Views of the Borrowers’
H. Vasanthakumari and S. Sheela Rani
The Differences of Coping Strategies of Problems between Gifted and Talented Students in Pioneers' Centers and the Students in Regular Schools
Saleem, Odeh. Alzboon, Khawla, A. Yahya and Suhaila, M. Banat