European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 34 Issue 2  
October 2012

Understanding the Meanings of Work. a Qualitative Research with a Group of Mexican Teen-Agers
Paula Benevene
Causal Relationship Model of Little Green Child with Environmental Behavior
Pornpimon Morrasri, Nongnapas Thiengkamol and Tanarat Thiengkamol
Origins and Determinants of Influence Costs, and Mechanism of Influence Activities in Agricultural Cooperatives - an Empirical Analysis Based on 135 Apple Cooperatives in China
Hongyun Han and Rong Cai
Guidelines for Development and Management of Tai Lue Traditional Music and Performing Arts of Yunnan, China
Tinnakorn Attapaiboon, Jaroenchai Chonpairot and Boonsom Yodmale
Contextualizing Governance in Democratizing Indonesia
Rochman Achwan
Organizational Culture: Development Models Pertaining to the Quality of Basic Education in Catholic Schools in Isan, Thailand
Boonsri Vapeeso, Pisit Boonchai and Kosit Paengsoi
The Status of Legislative Drafting in the Jordanian Legal System: An Analytic Critical Study
Eid Ahmad Al Hosban, Abeer Bashier Dababneh and Reem Oklah Abu Dalbouh
Justification of Outsourcing for Organisation’s Competitive Advantage
Ezigbo, C. A.
Evaluating the Impact of the Vocational Training Center at the Jordan Red Crescent Society on Female Beneficiaries
Salah Al-Louzi, Mohammed Al-Hadid and Taghrid Suifan
Emotional Intelligence and its Relation with Ajloun University College Students Psychological Harmony
Wail Minwer Al- Rabadi
Patients Attitudes toward Service Quality and its Impact on their Satisfaction in Physical Therapy in KSA Hospitals
Najah Al Azmi, Musa Al-Lozi, Zu’bi M. F. AL-Zu’bi, Samer E. Dahiyat and Ra’ed Moh’d Taisir Masa’deh
Employee Engagement – A Pragmatic Study with Reference to Key Drivers
V. Vijay Anand
Assessing Community Resilience to Man Made Dissaster: Comparative Studies from Porong Mud Flood in Indonesia and the Bhopal Disaster in India
Achmad Room Fitrianto
Management Practices Really Matter for Efficient Technology Transfer? Quantitative Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Subsidiaries in Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Duc Nguyen and Atsushi Aoyama
Reinforcers to Smoking and the Self-Control Measures among Rural and Urban Dwellers
Chiejina EN, Sibeudu FT, Odira CC and Okafor CN