European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 33 Issue 4  
September 2012

Development of Sustainable Tourism Model through PAIC Process
Suebsak Sangsan-anan, Nongnapas Thiengkamol and Tanarat Thiengkamol
The Present State and Future Direction of Sports Rehabilitation
Taeho Kim
A Study of Management Model for Sub-District Health Insurance Funds in Phetchabun Province
Poomin Khamnak, Boonchird Pinyoanuntapong and Adisak singseewo
Buddhist’s Churches: Application of Wisdom in Conserving and Restoring Buddhist’s Sculptures in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
Phra Kru Wimoldhammavut, Pisit Boonchai and Surapong Kongsat
A Study of Effect of Parental Participation on Academic Attainment of Secondary School Students
Samir Kumar Lenka and Ravi Kant
Social Protection Legislation in Palestine between Assessment and Reform
Khalid Talahma
Northern Thai Traditional Dances: The Development of Performing Arts for Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Paparorn Kaewsawang, Kla Somtrakool and Porntip Wongpaibool
Local Wisdom in using Herbs of Traditional Healer for Healing Phee-Ma-Reng-Suang Disease: A Case Study of Traditional Healer in Nakorn Prathom Province, Thailand
Mingkamol Hongsawong, Na Pattaradit Suriyakamonjinda and Kanvee Viwatpanich
An Empirical Evaluation of the Quality of Environment in the Fitness Centers with Reference to Erode City
M. Selvakumar and M.G. Saravanaraj
The Economic Contributions of the University of Kastamonu to Kastamonu Province
Hüseyin Yolcu, Yasar Aktas and Olgun Guney
Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD)
Abdul Qadir Mushtaq and Farhat Mehmood
Development of Constructivist Web-based Learning Environment to Enhance Analytical Thinking
Samat, Charuni and Chaijaroen Sumalee
Proposals for a New Policy of Environmental Protection, Sensitisation and Tourist Development of the Parnassus National park
Aristotelis Ch. Martinis
A Study on Job Rotation among Employees in Jewellery Sector- South Zone, India
S. Lavanya, R. Lavanya, P. Iswarya, Rajasekaran and P. Vikkraman
Livelihood Strategies of Thai Peasants in Becoming Jewelry Entrepreneurs
Thinnakorn Janmanee and Maniemai Thongyou