European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 32 Issue 4  
August 2012

Structural Model of Dengue Fever Prevention and Control Behavior
Koraphat Artwanichakul, Nongnapas Thiengkamol and Tanarat Thiengkamol
Formulation of Analytical Relationship amongst Causes and Effects of Agitation Towards Jungle Satyagraha as a Part of Freedom Movement - Part - III
S. Chaturvedi, Shubha Johari and J. P. Modak
Viet Kiaw: Identity and Process of Living Adaptation in the Northeast of Thailand
Soontorn Pannarat, Songkoon Chantachon and Sastra Laoakka
A Theoretical Perspective on the Relationship between Knowledge Management Systems, Customer Knowledge Management, and Firm Competitive Advantage
Rifat O. Shannak, Ra'ed (Moh'd Taisir) Masa'deh, Zu'bi M.F. Al-Zu'bi, Bader Yousef Obeidat, Muhammad Alshurideh and Hamzah Altamony
The Impact of EFL Learners' Self- Confidence on L2 Translation: Discourse Perspective
Eissa Al Khotaba and Ahmad Khalaf Sakarna
A Model of Developing being Love - of - Learning Person for Vocational Students
Ninlawan Diloklap, Kowat Tesaputa and Nudcharnard Pongput
Development of Hierarchical Linear Model of Information Technology Use Behavior of Secondary School Teacher in Thailand
Punnee Leekitchwatana
A Model of the Management and Administration for Secondary School as a Juristic Person
Piyawat Petsri, Prawit Erawan and Smarnjit Piromruen
Developing the Benchmarking Model of Internal Quality Assurance in the Faculties of Rajabhat University
Ratchaniphen Phonyiam and Boonchom Srisa-ard
Students' Conception on Sizes and Distances of the Earth -Moon- Sun Models
Chanyah Dahsah, Nason Phonphok, Chaninan Pruekpramool, Theerapong Sangpradit and Jaturong Sukonthachat
Constructive Relationship between Employee's Adaptability and Performance Builds up New Trends and Practices in Pakistani Organizations
Muhammad Aslam Khan, Nadeem Iqbal, Muhammad Arif Khattak and Muhammad Mudasar Ghafoor
Comparison of Financial Distress Prediction Models: Evidence from Turkey
Serkan Terzi, Ilker Kiymetli Sen and Derya Ucoglu
Official Use of English and the Resultant Marginalisation of Indigenous African Languages: The Cases of the Three Major Nigerian Languages
Samson Olasunkanmi Oluga and Halira Abeni Litini Babalola
IT-Enabled Supply Chain Management using Decision Support Systems
O. A. Balasubramaniam and A. Somu
Japan's Process of Modernization and Its Influence in the Internationalization of Higher Education.
Patricia Savon Meras