European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 32 Issue 3  
July 2012

Causal Relationship Model of Electrical Energy Conservation
Paitoon Pimdee, Nongnapas Thiengkamol and Tanarat Thiengkamol
Dielectric Properties of (PS-BaSO4.5H2O) Composites
Bahaa H. Rabee and Ahmed Hashim
Students’ Existing Ideas about Energy Related Technological and Societal Issues
Chokchai Yuenyong
Formulation of Analytical Relationship Amongst Causes and Effects of Agitation towards Jungle Satyagraha as a Part of Freedom Movement – Part - II
S. Chaturvedi, Shubha Johari and J. P. Modak
Distill of Recruiter Directorial Competences on Software Employees in Bangalore City, India
V. Vijaysankar and A. Lakshmi
Gender Empowerment through Education in FATA - Pakistan Trend Analysis of Past Decade (2001 – 2010)
Sabrina Khan and Fouzia Khan
The Role of Mass Media & Information Technology in Islamic Education
Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee, Zubair Ahmed Sahikh, Sameera Sultan, Abdul Ghafoor Baloach and Irfan Khalid
The Legal Value of Evidence Obtained in English Law by Torture
Ahmad Mousa Hayajneh, Khaldoun Said Qtaishat and Awad Rajab Al-Laimoon
The Effect of Formative Assessment Based Strategy on Jordanian higher Basic Stage Student Achievement in General Science
Insaf George Salamah El-Rabadhi and Khitam Essa El_ Rabdhi
Determining the Imperative Variables in Variety Seeking Behavior in Low-Involvement Products
Jayanthi K. and G. Rajendran
De L’élevage au sol à L’élevage en Batterie: Cas de la Ferme Avicole "le Boissy-Perrot" dans la Commune du Haut-Corlay en Bretagne (République Française)
Ouakoubo Gaston GNABRO
A Study Operations Environmental Education in Schools: The Northeast of Thailand
Chawwalit Chookhampaeng
Analysis of Computer Technology on Microfinance Bank in Ogbomoso Area of Oyo State, Nigeria
Fasina, H. T., Ajagbe, F. A. and Adepoju, O. I.
Relationship between Exports and Economic Growth of Pakistan
Athar Iqbal, Irfan Hameed and Komal Devi
Methods of Thinking According to Bramson and Harrison Theory and its Relationship with Mental Development to the Ninth and Tenth Grade in Tafileh Directorate
Abed Alrahim F. Almahsneh