European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 31 Issue 1  
June 2012

Does Academic Leaders Influence Staffs' Commitment to Service Quality in Malaysia?
Raemah Abdullah Hashim and Rosli Mahmood
A Cross Sectional Study on Shopping Values and Mall Attributes in Relation to Consumer Age and Gender
Anuradha Devadas and Hansa Lysander Manohar
A Study on the Awareness and Utilization of Credit Cards in India
K. Govindarajan, V. Vijay Anand and S. Balachandran
The Teaching of the Holy Prophet to Promote Peace and Tolerance in an Islamic Social Culture
Abdul Ghafoor Baloach, Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee, Irfan Khalid and Ibrhim Gull
Practical Constraint of Indonesian Municipalities in Conducting the Urban Land Use Assessment
I. Nyoman Suluh Wijaya, Tetsunobu Yoshitake and Chikashi Deguchi
Content Analysis of "Green" Claims in Advertisements
Ozgur Karabag
L'Etranger de Camus et la Pensée des Mu'tazila
Hamod Al-Rahawi
Restrictions of Legal Subordination
Bashar Adnan Ibrahim Mustafa Malkawi
Military Humanitarian Intervention for Human Rights Protection: Legitimacy and Legal, Political and Ethical Dimensions
Ayman Abu AL Haj
Model of Environmental Education Teacher with Inspiration of Environmental Conservation for Global Warming Alleviation
Miss On-anong Ruboon, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol and Jurairat Kurukodt
Parental Attitudes towards Autistic Child
Majeda Al Sayyed Obaid
Intention to Use Mask for Cotton Dust among Workers of Spinning and Weaving Operations in Rajburana District, Bangkok, Thailand
Nongluck Iyakaew and Boonchong Chawsithiwong
Adaptive Models of Folk Masseurs to Isan Social Change
Wiyada Rattanapetch, Boonsom Yodmalee and Kosit Paengsoi
Alternative Medicine: A Pattern of Perpetuation and Development of Music Therapy in Rueam Ma Muad Ritual of the Thai-Khmer Ethnic Group in Isan, Thailand
Cherdsak Chaythawil, Songkoon Chantachon and Suoneth Photisan
Teachers' Competency Development System through School - Based Training of Local Administration Organizations
Charnon Setsaengsri, Chaiyuth Sirisuthi, Amparn Duangpaeng and Prasart Isarapreeda