European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 27 Issue 3  
January 2012

Empowering Employees for Change-Oriented Behaviours: The Contribution of Psychological Empowerment to Taking Charge at Work
Ike E. Onyishi, Fabian O. Ugwu and Ijeoma P. Ogbonne
Cognitive Errors and Anxiety: A Comparison of Depressed and Non-Depressed Adolescents
Tasnim Rehna, Rubina Hanif and Sadaf Tariq
The Economic Policy of Ronald Reagan: Between Supply-Side and Keynesianism
Cosimo Magazzino
EFL Learners' Language Learning Strategy use and Perceived Self-Efficacy
Min-Hsun Su and Pey-Chewn Duo
Determining and Prioritizing the Criteria and Scales of Quality of Work Life (QWF) by AHP Method
Hamid Zare, Zolfa Haghgooyan and Zahra Karimi Asl
Policy Implications and Assessments of Inmate Education and Reentry: Empirical Evidence from Harris County Texas
Samuel C. Arungwa and G. Solomon Osho
Testing the Revenue and Expenditure Nexus in Nigeria: An Application of the Bound Test Approach
Omo Aregbeyen and Taofik Mohammed Ibrahim
Marriage of Convenience between Military and Local Government
Ayaz Muhammad and Muhammad Kaleem
Development in Instructional Model of Preschool Children's Language for Communication Based on Contemplative Education
Natkrita Gaseesai and Jiraporn Cha
Gender and Education: Progress and Challenges in Girls' Education in Iran
Rita Rezaee, Amir Soofi and Farhad Lotfi
Evaluating the Training Effectiveness among Managers in Manufacturing Industry with Reference to Krishnagiri District
B. N. Sivakumar and V. Navaneethakumar
Effectiveness of Visual Aid Usage: Students' Perception of Business School of Pakistan
Ghulam Murtaza, Rizwan Mushtaq, Muhammad Sajid and Khurram Shahzad
The Crux of Green Marketing: An Empirical Effusive Study
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Syed Akif Hasan, Amber Osman and Saeeda Wazir Ali Rudhani
Factors Influencing the Total Quality Management (TQM) Behaviors of Lab School under the Office of Sakon Nakhon Educational Service Area
Suthum Thummatassananon
What do Physical Education Teachers Think about Integrating Technology in Physical Education?
Rolf Kretschmann