European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 27 Issue 1  
January 2012

The Effect of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) on EFL High School Students' Writing Achievement
Koorosh Jafarian, Afshin Soori and Reza Kafipour
Legal and Moral Value to the Decisions and Advisory Opinions of the International Court of Justice
Ayman Abu-Alhaj and Ahmed Al-Nuemat
Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Prevention-Reduction Services of Anambra State (Nigeria) Action Campagne (Ansaca) from 2004- 2006
Ezeokana, Jude Obinna, Madu Sylvester Ntomchukwu, Ezeliora Bernardette and Nnedum, Obiajulu Anthony Ugochukwu
Rosca's Ability to Replace a Bank's Saving Account (A Case Study of Peshawar City, Pakistan)
Muhammad Farid, Shafiqullah and Muhammad Rafiq
Développement et Accessibilité Alimentaire en Côte d'Ivoire: Les défis Pour Accéder à la Souveraineté Alimentaire
Bouabre Gnoka Modete
A Comparative Analysis of Housing Shortage and Levels of Deprivation in India
Jabir Hasan Khan, Shamshad, Md. Mustaquim and Tarique Hassan
Information and Communication Technology use Frameworks among Self-Help Group Women
Ms.K. Venkatalakshmi and N. K. Ambujam
Jordanian Women's Political Participation: Legislative Status and Structural Challenges
Abeer Bashier Dababneh
The Politics of Resource Control in Nigeria
Celestine Bassey and Felix Akpan
Development of the Learning Organization Model: A Case of Sisaket Rajabhat University
Jittimaporn Srihawong, Boonchom Srisa-Ard and Vichien Chiwpimai
Dedicated Offerings for Buddhist Monks: Conservation and Development of Folk Wisdom for Community Economic Enhancement in Isan, Thailand
Peerayut Sangkhamanee, Sastra Laoakka and Kosit Phangsoi
Development of Food Security Management for Undergraduate Student Mahasarakham University Receipt 4533259241
Nongnapas Thiengkamol
Macroeconomic Criticizing eu Membership of Central Eastern European Countries
Mustafa Akal and Selim Inancli
Differences between Government Officers' and Academic Experts' Perspectives for Improving Public Involvement in Land use Assessment in Indonesian Municipalities
I. Nyoman Suluh Wijaya and Tetsunobu Yoshitake, Chikashi Deguchi
Saudi Undergraduates' Motivational Orientations towards English Language Learning Along Gender and University Major Lines: A Comparative Study
Choudhary Zahid Javid, Abdul Rahman Al-Asmari and Umar Farooq