European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 26 Issue 4
 December 2011

Effectiveness of Different Types of Direct Corrective Feedback on Correct use of English Articles among the Iranian EFL Students
Afshin Soori, Reza Kafipour and Mohammad Soury
Prefer a Model for Iran National Gas Company for the Implementation of CRM with the Application of Factor Analysis and Group AHP
SayedRahim Safavi Mirmahalleh, Hossein Azimi, Mehdi Ajalli and Donya Sadat Razavi Rohani
A Development of Integrating Teachers Competency and Participatory Supervision Model
Prasitsinchai Nutcharat and Chaijareon Sumalee
Relationship Marketing in Agricultural Products: Empirical Evidence from the Agricultural Sector in Western Region of Java
Muchlis Ahmady, Ujang Sumarwan, Budi Suharjo and Agus Maulana
Openness, Resilience and Economic Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
Udah, E. B.
Reducing Maternal Mortality in Nigeria through Community Participation: A New Paradigm Shift
Steve Metiboba
Customer Preferences and Expectations: A Case of BSNL Landline Connection in Salem Telecom Circle Tamil Nadu, India
M. Rajamanickam and G. Vadivalagan
Growth of Earthquake Research during 1998 – 2007: A Bibliometric Study
D. Sheeba Jebaseeli Jasmine and K. Nithyanandam
The Genesis of China's Growing Economic Influence: Model for Pakistan
Sayed Waqar Hussain, Asmat Ullah and Nasser Ali Khan
A Decade of Private Sector Initiative in Tertiary Education in Nigeria: Impact Analysis on Human Capital Development
A. T. Okwu, R. T. Obiakor, O. B. Oluwalaiye and T. C. Obiwuru
Relationship between Master Student’s Creativity and Thesis Topic
Alireza Rayat – e Hasanabadi and MohammmAli Zahrazadeh
Public Sector Reforms and E-Recruitment in Nigeria: Will Good Governance Count
Ahmad Sanusi and Ahmad Mohamed Martadha
Oil Prices Fluctuation Impact on Iraq’s Economy
Brahim Fezzani and Dilyara Nartova
Successful Intervention for Preschool Autistic Children
Jiraporn Chano