European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 25 Issue 3  
November 2011

Reactions to Labour Mobility in Small and Medium Organisations in Nigeria
Larry Izamoje
Learning Styles and Levels of Vocabulary Learning Among Iranian EFL Learners
Reza Kafipour, Mehdi Yazdi and Nasrin Shokrpour
Does Electricity Consumption Panel Granger Cause Economic Growth in South Asia? Evidence from Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka
Md. Sharif Hossain and Chikayoshi Saeki
Globalization and Socio Economic Welfare of Muslim Countries a Case Study of Indonesia and Malaysia
Shochrul Rohmatul Ajija and Sri Kusreni
The Effectiveness of the Training Program that is Based on Brainstorming to Teach the Introduction to the Special Education Course to the Students in the Department of Educational Sciences in the Middle University Faculties to Develop the Critical Thinking that They Have
Khalil Abdul-Rahman Maitah, Mustafa Nuri Mustafa al-qamesh, Naji Munawer Sa'aydah and Ahmad Nayef Khalifah AL Sarayreh
A Thermodynamic Study of Adsorption Leshman's Stain Dye by Germanium oxide and Yttrium Oxide
Ahmed Hashim
A Critical Study of the Effect of Gender on prohibition of Women Employment in Iranian Law
Mohammad Taqi Rafiei
The Balance of Payments Constraint as an Explanation of Growth Rate Differences in the Dominican Republic
Santiago Grullón
Design and Development of Knowledge Construction Model Enhancing Scientific Thinking
Thitima Gamlanglert and Sumalee Chaijaroen
The Newly Ordained Monk: Development of Trainin Courses for the Continuation of Buddhism in Bangkok
Phramaha Pathaweesak Romphothanthong, Wisanee Siltragool and Anchalee Chantapo
Child Labour among Working Children in Ogun State, Nigeria
Dosunmu, Akinola George and Abidogun, Babajide Gboyega
The Effectiveness Degree of Time Management for High Schools Principals and Teachers at First and Second Educational Directorate in Amman
Issam M. Mansour
Assessment of Physical and Structural Elements in Architecture in Conveying Religious Messages to the Audience
Ali Delavar and Mandana Saniei
Evaluation of Privatization of Iran State Duties From the Perspectives of Employees of Human Resources Department of Shiraz University of Medical Science
Mohammad Sadegh Mohagheghzadeh and Ehsan Gooraki
Effective Factors on Efficient Development of Rural ICT Centers
Noor-Mohammad Yaghoobi and Abdol Hamid Sarani