European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 19 Issue 1  
January 2011

Urbanization Policies under Programs of Political Parties in Turkey
Ensar Yılmaz and Salih Çiftçi
Need of Education and Awareness: A Study of Locally Made Therapeutic Food for Treatment of Malnutrition in Melghat Region of Amravati District (Maharashtra)
Sharda S.Gawande
Mutual Impact between Tourism and the Host Community (A Case Study of Wadi Rum)
Mozfi Amyan, Omar A.A. Jawabreh, Mohammad Nayef Alsarayreh and Nibal Abdulkareem Malkawi
Eye Contact as an Efficient Non-Verbal Teaching Technique: A Survey of Teachers' Opinion
Muhammad Naeem Butt, Mohammad Muazzam Sharif, Niaz Muhammad, Azra Fanoos and Umtul Ayesha
The Impact of Education on Total Fertility Rate in Pakistan (1981-2008)
Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak, Jangraiz Khan, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Naeem Sajjad Tasleem and Muhammad Tahir
Factors Affecting Consumers' Switching Intentions
Ayesha Saeed, Nazia Hussain and Adnan Riaz
Analyzing the Barriers and Problems of Establishing the Accomplished Cost Accounting System of Scholar in State Universities
Jalal shirzadeh and Freyedon Ahmadi
Home-Care Children in Pakistan
Rana Ejaz Ali Khan, Tasnim Khan and Akhtar Hussain Malik
Trade Liberalization, Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in Pakistan
Shaista Alam, Shafiqur Rehman and Mohammad S. Butt
Impact of Teacher Quality on the Academic Achievement of Students at Secondary Stage in Punjab (Pakistan)
Muhammad Arshad Dahar, Rashida Ahmad Dahar, Riffat Tahira Dahar and Fayyaz Ahmad Faize
Impact of the Prior School Environment on Academic Achievement of Students at the Secondary Stage in Punjab (Pakistan)
Muhammad Arshad Dahar, Riffat Tahira Dahar, Rashida Ahmad Dahar and Fayyaz Ahmad Faize
Learning Orientation, Innovation and Performance: Evidence from Small-Sized Business Firms in Iran
Abbas Toloie Eshlaghy and Alireza Maatofi
Achieving Competitive Advantage in Insurance Industry: The Impact of Marketing Innovation and Creativity
Festus M Epetimehin
Free Trade: Legal Theoretical Reflections
Mohammad F.A. Nsour
Universities Innovation Clusters: Approaches for National Competitiveness Paradigm
Natalia Klimova and Marina Litvintseva