European Journal of Social Sciences


Volume 18 Issue 4
 January 2011

Women and Leadership: An Exploration of Social Capital
Sue Schlichtemeier-Nutzman, Tamara Moerer, Viv Ewing and Denise Hill
Causality between Tourism and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from India
P K Mishra, Himanshu B. Rout and Smita S. Mohapatra
Reflection of Social-Communication Structures in Persian Novels in 1350s and 1370s Hijri
Ali Akbar Farhangi and Mahnaz Ronaghi Noutash
Effect of Political Cooperation of Women in Political Development
Hamid Sardari
An Application of Multivariate Markov Chain Model on the Changes in Exchange Rates: Turkey Case
Ersoy Öz and Semra Erpolat
Electronic Media and Interpersonal Discourse: Mediation in Crises
Masrur Alam Khan and Rehana Masrur Khan
An Analysis of Time Utilization Patterns in the Government Offices in Pakistan
Ajmal Waheed, Khuram Shahzad and Masood Khurshid
Measuring the Learning Organization's Construct in Pakistan A case of Public Sector Educational Institutes
Rana Zamin Abbas, Hasan Sohaib Murad, A G Ghaffari, Ahmed F. Siddiqi, Zulfqar Ahmad, Zia ur Rehman and Muhammad Ashraf
Turkish Tax Law/ Accounting: Boon of Economic Crisis: Postponement of Bankruptcy
Tamer Budak and Metin Saban
A Study of Preferred Socio-religious Activities by Muslim Youth
Mohd. Mahzan Awang, Muhammad Imran Yousuf and Sayuti Abd. Ghani
The Effects of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment and Job Performance Relationship: A Case of Managers in Malaysia's Manufacturing Companies
Sarminah Samad
Effective Governance in the Era of Caliphate `Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (634-644)
Sharifah Hayaati Syed Ismail al-Qudsy and Asmak Ab Rahman
Comparative Ports Performance Efficiency Measurement in Developing Nations: A Matching Framework Analysis (M FA) Approach
Amos Sola Ogunsiji and Oluwatosin Oba Ogunsiji
The Effect of Learning Orientation on Market Orientation and Performance in Small-sized Firms: Evidence from Iran
Hashem Nikoomaram and Ali Reza Ma'atoofi
Planning Design for Affordable Housing and Green Architecture
Nura S. Mohamed and Zuhairuse MD Darus