European Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 57 No 1
August-October, 2018
Mécanisme de Conclusion et Confirmation d’Enregistrement Electronique du Registre Commercial: Etudes comparative entre le droit des Émirats Arabes Unis et le droit français
Dr. Sinan Shattnawi
L’évolution du monde contemporain se base sur les transactions économiques et financières que les sociétés effectuent sur une base quotidienne, de ce fait il a été primordiale d’organiser les activités de ses sociétés par le bais d’une institution qui régit ces activités à savoir le registre de commerce ou chaque société doit être dûment immatriculer pour exercer ces activités légalement et de posséder un registre de commerce dont ses disposition se basent dans le cas de notre étude et recherche sur le Code de Commerce Emirati et le Code de Commerce Français. L’évolution technologique a donné lieu à la naissance à l’immatriculation électronique au registre de commerce laquelle on exposera son concept et les conditions de l’enregistrement ainsi que les organes qui régissent et organisent le registre de commerce dans les deux pays pour exercer une activité commerciale par le commerçant, avec l’illustration du statut juridique de l’enregistrement électronique et l’étude du mécanisme de la conclusion et confirmation de l’enregistrement électronique et les conséquences qui en découlent.
Keywords: Droit EAU, Droit français, Enregistrement des sociétés, Statut de société, Procédures d'enregistrement, Validation des contrats, Chambre de commerce et d'industrie.
Development of Employability Skills’s Training Program
Rusmono and Virzha Aulianna D
The research aims to produce a training program of employability skills in vocational high school, consists of training program, instructor’s guideline, training media, training module, and collection of evaluation tests. The subjects of this research are students at SMK Mutiara 17 Agustus Kota Bekasi who will be the participants in industrial’s work practice. The research involves expert reviews, they are employability skills expert, training designer expert, and media expert. The research was research and development (R&D) and used ASSURE Model, consists of six steps, they are (1) analyzer learner characteristic; (2) state performance objectives; (3) select methods, media, and materials; (4) utilize materials; (5) requires learner participation; and (6) evaluation and revision. Data is collected by interview guideline and using questionnaire instruments. The research passed the formative evaluation where the evaluation consists of three experts by gave questionnaire instruments with Likert Scale. Formative evaluation got the average score 3,44, it means that the training program that developed are very good.
Keywords: Training Program, Employability Skills, ASSURE Model, Industrial’s Work Practice
July 2nd, 2018: the Day After Inside Written Press: Presidential Elections in Mexico
Rosa María Valles Ruiz
Presidential elections on July 1st, 2018, represented an unprecedented and historical event in Mexico’s life. Elections’ results culminated in a new configuration of the country’s political-electoral map. The National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), whose official register before the National Electoral Institute (INE) was recognized on July 9th, 2014, climbed up victorious at the elections.
The media, as socially relevant actors, addressed this topic from different perspectives: What was the procedure followed by six journals throughout the first pages’ headliners of July 2nd, 2018? Were there any coincidences, divergences or specificities? Which was the ideological orientation?
Through discourse analysis and an elaborated model based on the proposals by Juan Nadal Palazón (2008, 2013) on the semantical/pragmatic field, and Silvia Gutiérrez Vidrio’s (2011) pragmatic level, the raised questions shall be answered. The investigation’s corpus will be the analysis of the six headliners from the journals Milenio, La Jornada, El Universal, Excélsior, El Financiero and Reforma.
Analysis’ results were examined within a political and historical context, finding coincidences, differences and specificities in the journals’ headliners. The semantical analysis threw specific results in each first page. The constant inside the pragmatic field was interpretation.
Keywords: Mexican presidential elections 2018, discourse analysis, headliners, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, democracy.
From the Process of Learning Mathematics: Building A Characterized Nation
To ensure the safety and prosperity of the society in the future, it’s not enough for the government to prepare a smart nation only, but must also prioritize the birth of a characterized nation. Mathematics is one of the potential subjects for character building, especially in primary school. The purpose of the research is to find a model of mathematical learning that can internalize the character values in the primary school. This research uses theoretical-hypothetical method. Preparation of this learning model through the phase: assessment of needs through field studies; study of literature; design modeling; content validation by mathematics education experts; and implementation validation by teachers in primary schools. It has been found that the model of mathematics learning for formation of character in primary schools, learning using guided discovery methods through small group discussions, using media or mathematical tools, and selecting mathematical topics which relevant to the character values to be developed. Learning models that have been found, have the potential to create a fun learning environment, relate to the experience of daily life events, and can internalize the character values.
Keywords: Mathematical Learning, Building a characterized nation.
The Impact of Self-Determination of Disabled Jordanian University Students Reflecting on Their Quality of Life
Ayed H. Ziadat, Mohammad Soud A. AL-Alwan and Firas Mahmoud Bany Younis
The purpose of this study was to estimate the correlation and predictive correlation between self-determination and quality of life of disabled students at governmental universities in Jordan. Fifty students were chosen with ages between (19- 21) and with variable disabilities. Quantitative questionnaire was used to collect data for further analysis. The equitation of internal consistency using Cronbach’s Alphabet for means and the standard deviation were applied. The results confirmed that self-determination and quality of life of disabled university students were in the medium range with a total mean of (2.47) and standard deviation reach indicated that there were very important correlation between the self-determination and the quality of life of college students with disabilities at Jordanian Universities. It is worth mentioning that the responses of different sections of the survey: Physical Health, Surrounding Environment and the Total Quality of Life does have a medium influence on self-determination among disabled students at Jordanian Universities.
Keywords: Disabled Students, Physical Health, Surrounding Environment, Self- Determination, Social Relationship.
Knowledge about Chikungunya: A case with Private university students’ of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sohela Mustari
Fever, due to infected Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos’ causes’ a serious and emerging public health problem in and around the urban and suburban areas of Bangladesh. Out of many viruses, Chikungunya virus is the most rapidly spreading virus and important for medical health perspectives. With the similar symptoms of Chikungunya, people of urban and suburban areas of Bangladesh are experiencing Dengue virus from last few years. Although Bangladesh experienced few Chikungunya cases in earlier years, but for the first time in 2017, Chikungunya spread in Bangladesh like epidemic which catches the concern of physicians, researchers and policy makers. This study thus tries to explore the level of knowledge and understanding about Chikungunya virus of private university students of Bangladesh. Both qualitative and quantitative approach is used for this research. A total of 400 samples were interviewed by using convenient sampling procedure to know their knowledge about Chikungunya virus. Similarly, for qualitative data a total of 15 in-depth interviews were conducted with the students. Both experienced and non-experienced students with Chikungunya virus participated in the research. The result shows that 80.6% of the respondents know Chikungunya is a viral disease. The result also shows that 71.4% of the respondents know Chikungunya spreads to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. However, most of them are not sure about the difference in symptoms of dengue, Chikungunya and other viral fever. So in this research it is suggested to disseminate proper information about Chikungunya through mass media.
Keywords: Chikungunya, Bangladesh, private university, qualitative, quantitative, mass media.
Job Satisfaction as a Mediator of the Relationship between Transformational Leadership Practice and Commitment to Organizational Change among Community College Instructors
Rosmilawati Ab Rahman and Abdullah Mat Rashid
This study aims to identify the relationship between the dimensions of transformational leadership practice with commitment to organizational change among community college instructors. Furthermore, this study also examines the role of job satisfaction as mediator in the relationship between transformational leadership with commitment to organizational change. The total of 330 community college instructors involved as respondents in the study and data was gathered using a questionnaire where the directors’ transformational leadership practices were measured using the Principle Leadership Questionnaire (PLQ). Instructors’ job satisfaction was measured using the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) and the commitment to organizational change among instructors’ was measured using Commitment to Change Scale (C2CS). The finding shows that there is a significant positive relationship between all dimensions of transformational leadership practice which is examined with commitment towards organizational change. Meanwhile, the results of the mediator analysis found that job satisfaction partially mediated the relationship between of transformational leadership practice with commitment to organizational change among instructors’.
Keywords: Managing community college, educational administration, management of technical and vocational institution, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), TVET transformation.